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Ulysses S Grant

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What is going to happen in your plot?
Daggibus, Venara, and Kaarz joined up to hopefully get a decent reward from a bounty for Kera Cheninin, a common criminal who jumped bail.

What other writers (and their characters) will be a part of this?
Ulysses S Grant - @Daggibus Varr
Tenagra - @Venara Tabbith
RedSentinel - @Kaarz Pollux

Where are all the locations in which your plot will take place?
Ord Cantrell

Please provide a basic in-character timeline of what you expect to happen. Include opposition type for each thread:
[*]On The Lookout
With the information that Kera has been known to have been last seen in Ord Cantrell and to have been involved with local races as a participant and spectator, Daggibus, Kaarz, and Venara make their way to an underground race to see if they're lucky enough to catch Kera there or at least figure out where she went. (Self-DM)

[*]On The Move
The trio makes their way to the Dark Hill Inn where they assume that's where Kera is, a slum compared to the cleanliness of the capital city itself. When they learn that Kera isn't here, they begin hearing rumors of Kera's plans to escape. (Dice/Self-DM)

[*]Barge In!
If the group doesn't know where exactly Kera is at the Capital Shipyard, they wouldn't have to work hard to find her. Although the Capital Shipyard is a popular place of sail barges coming in or out, its nighttime and traffic is slow. When Kera is captured, the trio is able to make their way out without fuss and to collect their reward. (Self-DM)

[*]Not That Easy
The group is now on their way back to a major city in Ord Cantrell to meet up with members of the Bounty Hunter's Guild, but soon have troubles with a bunch of thugs (2d2) wishing to get back Kera Cheninin from the group's custody, supposedly so that she could pay them back. (Dice/Self-DM)

What do you or your character hope to achieve with this plot? What is the "end-game?” Link any items you’re seeking if applicable.
Kaarz and Venara seek to become initiates for the BHG, and although Daggibus seeks to have a connection within the BHG as an initiate as well, he wants to use the funds to grow his business and maybe even have his compatriots stick with him to further his own plots.

Do you need any involvement of canon NPCs or faction leaders to be DMed by a staff member? If so, please detail who/what and for what purpose.
Don't this so.
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You might want to read the update to the plot rules: Plot Update. Specifically the section about the structure of plot submissions.


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@Ulysses S Grant while it says "what other characters" in the 2nd section you don't have your own character in there nor in your own signature which is a pretty common thing so it helps if you put your information in your own plot.

For 1 person it usually takes a short plot but seeing as there are 3 participants I would like to see one more thread in here. You could probably do a thread where you have to find Kera in the ship yards or that can still be the goal point where you capture her. But maybe an additional thread of "chasing" this bounty or a thread after she is captured where there is some negotiations or conflict in the transition of delivering the bounty.

he wants to use the funds to grow his business and maybe even secure business relations with his two compatriates.
Please specify what you mean by this. Is this no more than just a "I'm familiar with you guys" or do you want some form of tangible representation of this accomplishment? If so please say what it is.