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  • I'm good man, just finished all my finals and this semester and I'm ready to RP. I can't wait to see your character in the SWRP world, you should look in to joining the Reapers like your bro mentioned. That would be awesome!!
    :CHappy Шта је било, а? На форум се зезаш, а образовање? :CHappy
    Here's the link to the image: [noparse][/noparse]

    Just go into your profile settings.
    Down the left side there should be a bit that says "Edit Avatar" go in there.
    select Option 1 and copy and paste the above link into there, and hit 'Save Changes'.
    And voila.

    If you have any troubles, let me know.
    Why, hello there. Are you the little brother that walked past when I was skyping Pete about 5 weeks ago?
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