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  • Hi! The Cartel's doing an Acitivity Check so we can gauge who all is here for a big roster cleanup and more fun stuff! Don't forget to respond if you're still active!

    Hey Droidude! I saw your comment on the Hutt Missions thread, and was wondering if you'd found an NPCer already or not?
    Hey! I know Minuteman already told you but you kind of posted in our thread! Whoops. If you could just delete your post, that would be great.
    Dude you posted in the wrong thread with Omdool. The reason why I know he and me are doing that one together.
    Hey man, I created an OOC thread for our Hutt mission with Locky. Have fun! Click here for fun and laughs
    Moved your post out of the Open thread in the 'The Story' to here: Romancing the Stone OOC. We don't post OOC questions or anything in that board. If you have a question pertaining to RP you can post in the RP Help Board!
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