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    Interest Check [OOC] Nowhere To Go

    I am fine with just "living the experience", meaning I would let you decide how the plot's going and react to events.
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    That's great!

    That's great!
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    Farming is important.

    Farming is important.
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    Interest Check Mission Pack Creating a Market

    @Topher what's up? We got two soldados for thread one. @Charndley
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    I am feeling for you, brother!

    I am feeling for you, brother!
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    A Mandalorian!

    A Mandalorian!
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    Interest Check Mission Pack Creating a Market

    Darex Whiker it is!
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    Interest Check Mission Pack Creating a Market

    Me for Your Order has been misplaced
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    Sith Order Darex Whiker

    Darex Whiker was a human male who served the Sith Order during the 'Force Eternal' era of the Galaxy, though he was insensitive to the force. Matt had wide shoulders, muscular torso and many scars over his face. He was known by his peers for getting things done. Basic Information Name Darex...
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    Armor Covert Dress

    COVERT DRESS As the name suggests, this dress was created exactly to blend in. Several designs are available. It would be impossible to recognize the someone's affiliation solely by these clothes. The dark pieces suggest nothing out of order, while some armor lies beneath it. Duraplast plates...
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    Interest Check Mission to Mandalore

    Sign me up.
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    Independent Devree Wren

    Devree Wren is a Mandalorian human male who was associated with the notorious Death Watch during the 'Force Eternal' era of the Galaxy. While the organization was ruled by the Sith, Devree worked alongside a Sith Guardian until she was killed by the Jedi. Devree was jailed because he failed to...
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    Old rper, new site

    MSN :O
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    A Return to Free(Form) for SWRP

    Tbh sub accounts might only seem hard because literally there is a guide with pictures, step by step. It is just as easy as a registration anywhere. Just provide the link. This tl I wasn't even allowed to create a non-fs character who worked around Sith because tHEn ThE fACtiON neEDs tO chAnGE...
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    I read [SPOILER]

    I read