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  • You can RP if you'd like, just won't be very strong is all. I'm unsure at this point what the change in training will be
    Sorry about that, Bac is in the midst of revising training atm, I don't want to move forward if he is going to change how it is done. I thought I pm'd you about that a week or two ago, but I could be wrong?
    Flame, adding that your character breathes, eats, drinks, poops, sleeps, etc is completely unnecessary. However, special powers, abilities and skills should be noted. This keeps players honest and helps them stay in-line with their character and role.

    I'm not arguing that your character can't deflect blaster bolts, but adding a skill as special as Teräs Käsi to your character randomly in a roleplay could definitely be considered god-modding.

    I was simply just trying to point out what you were doing. I'm not asking that you re-write anything or whatnot, just making a point that you seem to keep adding things to empower your character that are not noted in your character bio.

    That's all.

    Thanks for participating with us and I hope that you're enjoying it!!

    How many more skills and abilities are you going to add to your character that aren't in your profile? :p

    Just curious. ;)

    Teräs Käsi isn't about deflecting blaster bolts.

    Click on it and read the Wookiepedia link. :D
    In your bio, nowhere do you mention telekinetic abilities.

    "...it enables me to react quicker, think more clearly, and sense my enemies’ whereabouts."

    Why not simply dodge the slugs, as your bio suggests you have the ability to do, potentially anyway. Maybe. Again, this isn't the Matrix, but I think it would be more feasible than what you've done.

    Sensid is just trying to play along with your extra powers, extra men, and ability to pop up anywhere. :D
    Flame, neither Jedi nor Sith have ever been able to stop the slugs from a slug thrower like that. This isn't the Matrix. ;)
    Forgive me Flame, but I wanted to let you know that he doesn't have his hand on the magazine yet. He's just holding his hand out for it. :D He doesn't want to loose a hand again. ^^
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