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  • Star has to post still (unless I missed him posting in which case it's my turn), so yep yep; posting order. Pretty much all threads will have a posting order.
    Focus on saber combat skills, barrier, healing, TK, and tutaninmis or whatever it's called lol. Those are your best friends as an Acolyte aspiring for warrior. Thought Shield, force cloak, and force stealth are good too, but the latter two are not terribly important for you unless you wanna be super sneaky too. There was one more thing and I totally just forgot it...OH Force Slow. Overlooked ability. Very handy for someone trying to chop another being in half.
    Sure, did you have a character in mind? Most of my characters would struggle to get along with a Sith :P
    the series/episodes are the way Weiss is now running story arcs. The idea is from Jiang, an Admin who created the Kusari and the CommonWealth Indie faction. Running it helps keep better tract of where the story is at and also allows PC's to play in later parts of a series if the earlier portion doesn't strike there fancy.
    I have to work some things out. I'm teaching another Acolyte some core powers. I may just mix the two threads to reduce my own work load.
    I haven't forgotten. I just needed a day to get this armor tech done since I suddenly got slammed with requests for threads haha. I hadn't gotten around to it (and I was supposed to have it a month ago). I will have a post up today.
    Yeah I'd be up for that Taz and I are doing a thread with lightsaber duels and Teras Kasi that just started. We're both cool if you wanna join that.
    We will continue this thread for a little bit longer so you have actual training in it. Thus it can be counted towards your threads valid for promotion. I'll start your force powers thread today. It's gonna be a mission / training thread. I don't like standard training threads. They bore me XD As a result, almost all of my trainings of other people turn into missions ;P Which only helps you really. Did you see the promotion guidelines?
    Nope. Cause those don't technically exist for you yet. If we started that thread I'd say sure. But we haven't reached there. No worries though. It's not a desrg enabled thread, so you should be good. And you do have Force Sense. All Sensitives have it. Until it's trained it's a passive power however. But no worries. Doesn't seem like it's too heavy on the Jedi / rebel side.
    Haha. You don't need to wait for our threads to finish. You're fine. Just only have access to powers and skills you have listed in your profile. Which, like I said, you do have shii-cho knowledge both theoretical and practical.
    not a whole lot. captured by a sith, waiting for that to end. Got a new thread up but nobody seems interested anymore because i couldn't post it for a week
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