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  • Hey man if you want I am in the saloon if you want to post there or let me know what you want to do so we can kick this off
    Go for it, can you find any better image for your character though? As the image will go on the roster
    Well some Rangers have since dropped out so I could certainly make an exception for ya
    If you're thinkin of making a True Grit style character the Waste Rangers, might be right up your alley
    Ah, sorry man. I think I'm going to call it quits with Kyon. I lost the motivation to Rp for a while and got swept away by other things. Now, after rereading that character, I have a distaste for the way he's portrayed. Sorry, but I'm going to have to cut out on you.
    where'd you go?

    i miss you so...

    seem's like it's been forever, since you've been oooon

    come back on ^^
    Hey, no pressure. Gotta study for mid terms, put it up when you has time. Just keep me in the loop I guess ;)
    Kk then. Sounds all good to me, excellent nation by the way. Extremely good for a one night whip up! Took me quite a few days to finish my nation.
    Feel free to post in the nations conference, either slip in or pretend you've been there the whole time. Also, do you think that the Wood Elves would harbor any ill will against the Drow? I think they would, as wood elves are a subspecies of light elves and light elves see Drow, or Dökkálfar, as deviants and demon worshippers.
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