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    Threads! Jedi or otherwise

    Hello! I'm not exactly new but I haven't written much here and I'd like to change that. I'm looking for threads for my Jedi Knight character, Thayd Karkoza. Hes an Anzat, but he doesn't eat brains, and he's really into plants, wilderness, and other things. I'd kind of prefer to thread with other...
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    Mission Pack Healing the Flames

    @Thayd Karkoza, profile is found here, Jedi Knight, for Metal Pieces P.I., thanks!
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    Mission Pack Army of the Light

    @Thayd Karkoza for We Hungry if that's okay
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    Jedi Order Thayd Karkoza

    NAME: Thayd Karkoza FACTION: Jedi Order RANK: Jedi Knight SPECIES: Anzat AGE: 109 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 6'6" WEIGHT: 210 lbs. FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, trained. APPEARANCE: A striking figure. Tall. Black hair, tan skin. Green-gold eyes with dark bags under them. Sinewy. Lots of sharp angles. Bad...
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    Ship The Cauldron

    THE CAULDRON AFFILIATION Open market. MANUFACTURER Corellian Engineering Corporation CLASS Light Freighter ROLE Transport COMPOSITION Durasteel and Transparisteel DIMENSIONS Length - 36.8 meters. CREW 1-2 PASSENGER CAPACITY 6 CARGO CAPACITY 200 Standard Tons HANGAR CAPACITY N/A...
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    Hey folks

    Well thanks you all! Everyone's so damn welcoming here, it's great. Die Shize! We used to RP together back in the day! Looking forward to writing with you again.
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    Hey folks

    Used to do Star Wars role-playing a long long time ago, and now I'm getting back into it. Known about this site for a while but I've never really posted much here before. Hoping to change that soon as I'm really looking forward to making a character and telling some stories with other writers...