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  • Morning [[or whatever time it is for you, 5:40 am here]] how is school?
    Nice we'll have to try and get an rp together when you're back around
    Does your new avatar describe how you REALLY feel being buried under papers?

    I finally have a Master again, and my training thread is just so WRONG lmao but I'm having fun. :bitchez

    When does your summer break start exactly? Looking forward to the return of Sorran.
    Hey as the Imperial Knights LT. I am informing you that your character was cleaned from the roster. I know you are busy at school if you would like her added back please tell me.

    I hope things are going well in school and your doing everything good.
    Thanks to your help Matsu is now a knight. Thank you and well hope things are going good in your RL.
    Oh I am well, Skylake has a two weeks left and Aniko is staying here for the extra two months until she goes back to Taiwan. Also thanks but your busy I work at a camp and get to sit by the lake all day. Also well the de facto leader of the Imperial Rebels is up made by Jiang.
    I know your busy and I am sorry, but did you get to send that pm to Kit or have you heard back. Take your time I am not in a hurry. Good luck in school
    well, there's this one called "Elephants in the Wing" which is pretty cool. there's also this thread called "12 Steps to Controlling Your Bladder", which i wholeheartedly recommend you join!
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