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  • Vacation and absence:
    I am at an office party this weekend, so I won't likely post, as I hate to write from my phone.

    I am in Thailand 9th to 20th October. No posting here.

    I've been in a very turbulent mood this week and have withdrawn myself for damage control. I hope the dumplings I am threading with can have some patience with me.

    🧜‍♀️Much love and light, Moon.🧚‍♀️
    Die Shize
    Die Shize
    I like dumplings! Eat them at the Chinese!
    Restaurant, I do of course mean—a treat!
    But don’t eat too much—stomach aching.
    And do thoroughly enjoy your office party!
    In Thailand 9th to 20th October—indeed.
    The moon is light, sun is bright, like trees.
    Even jungle at night, stars alight, glowing!
    Have a wonderful trip!! I'm sure it will be super fun
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