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  • That is like the one thing I have a difficult time doing from my tablet, is moving threads. You'll have to ask another Admin.
    Ah, okay, I thought that might be what her profile was saying. Cool. Sounds great. Amazing. Fantastic. Woohoo. Yay.
    I was thinking that maybe we could have characters that shared backstories. I'm working on a cat who's a demolitions expert, and was a former thief, and who then joins the Kitty Rebellion, and I saw that your cat has a similar background. Maybe they could have worked together on heists in the past, and then joined up with the Commonwealth together?
    Dis vooone is vor j00 und me.

    You can probably assume that 'Saladin Actual' is a Makuran Officer. I imagine Kuzzy'd be aboard the Peregrine, since it'd make the most sense; Jiang will be with him. Since they're both of Damarian blood they can share in the uncomfortable awkwardness that is sharing a dropship with some 24 Makurans who're used to being systematically slaughtered by Damarians. Real happy joyjoy feelings there I'm sure.
    Oh hai der. Lavi is waiting on you to reply with Zaeed in the Gadeos thread. :)
    Oh well it would be kind of stupid to just hand them over to the Sith, right? But I do agree that destroying an entire system just so the Sith can't have it isn't fair, soooo I've come up with a happy medium.
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