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    Independent Ots Sla'Sagyr

    @Faster Than Light
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    Independent Ots Sla'Sagyr

    Thanks! i will make sure to change the bes'kar bit!
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    Independent Ots Sla'Sagyr

    NAME: Ots Sla’Sagyr FACTION: Independent RANK: Mercenary SPECIES: Human AGE: 16 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 5’6 WEIGHT: 110 lbs FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, untrained APPEARANCE:Born the descendant of a Clone Commando, Ots is a boy of tan skin and curly black hair with serious brown eyes. He has a Square...
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    Independent Lom Fen- Street Urchin

    NAME: Lom Fen FACTION: Independent RANK: Street Urchin SPECIES: Pyke AGE:11 GENDER: male HEIGHT: 5’ WEIGHT: 110 FORCE SENSITIVE: NO APPEARANCE: Lom Fen is a usual Pyke youth in terms of appearance. He has violet eyes, Light Green skin and an elongated skull. He is thin and lengthy in...