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    I am back. School, work, health kept me away.

    I am back. School, work, health kept me away.
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    Work got suddenly very busy over the last few days. Posting as I can. Sorry for delays.

    Work got suddenly very busy over the last few days. Posting as I can. Sorry for delays.
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    Ask Star Wars: AU roleplays (OOC/Roster thread)

    Rhogar Skirata _N A M ERhogar Skirata _A G E32 g.s.y _G E N D E RMale _H E I G H T6'6" _W E I G H T210lbs _F O R C E _ S E N S I T I V ENo _F A C T I O NMandalorian _R A N KAkaan Salyr _S P E C I E SHuman _V O I C E _ C L A I MIdris Elba [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide]...
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    Rhoboat's Funhouse

    Children of Light [WIP] Pictured: Grandmaster Nayla Shaa (Center), Champion Dral Da'bara (Left), and Champion Oliandar Faar (Right) Location(s): Ruusan, under the noses of the ISC Affiliation: Independent (Jedi/Sith formerly) Beliefs: They believe the Jedi Order has become complacent and...
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    Mission Pack Slowing down the Jet Empire

    @Taldorak Trenessar for any of them. Coruscant is where he operates and he was present when the Lower Five first bent the knee. Hes got a reputation with them already.
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    Interest Check Event - Zavus Turnyras - The Great Tournament

    Might as well throw in an existing Gladiator Champion Character: @Hrothgar Ragnarsson Profile: Mr. Former Slave
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    Independent Hrothgar Ragnarsson

    Changelong: 9/6/21- Updated Bio and Stats
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    Interest Check Galaxies Most Eligible [Game Show]

    FIRST ROUND VOTE RESULTS 1) Taeonas Lannaras 3) Duke Devlin 5) Thai Ves 7) Jazz 9) Red Baron 2) Lil Klepti 4) Lady Kersin 6) Pidge Batana 8) Jimi Hendrix 10) Bom Trady PLAYER VOTES Taeonaras Lannaras Lil Klepti Duke Devlin Lady Kersin Thai Ves Pidge Batana Jazz Jimi Hendrix Red Baron...
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    Mission Pack Bulwark Against Tyranny

    @Vraes Trenessar For Thread 1 @Tortus Graa for thread 2
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    [Mandalorian] Tomb Takers & Crypt Keepers

    Okay, Ill just trade out Vraes for Skjorn. Then they can go from one op to the other. Work on Orar'da'yadr/Solus relations.
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    [Mandalorian] Tomb Takers & Crypt Keepers

    Since Die quit writing (for now at least) I need someone else for #2. And I will throw in @Skjorn Naskar for #3 to help out Kotii.
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    Rhoboat's Funhouse

    Historical Events Prior to Forum Canon Name of Event Mandalorians Begin Mandalorian-Jedi War Mandalorian Civil War Rise of the New Mandalorians Clone Wars Mandalorian Civil War (Imperial Era) Great Mandalorian Purge Years 7000 BBY First Crusade- 7000 BBY- 3996 BBY Second Crusade- 3976...
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    Rhoboat's Funhouse

    CLAN VIZSLA Clan Vizsla is one of two noble families to arise out of the First Crusading Era of Mandalorian history. Clan Vizsla was comprised of those clans who swore fealty to Mandalore the First and first settled the planet Mandalore. During the first Mandalorian crusade, House Vizsla...
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    Mission Pack The Forgers of Varl

    @Taldorak Trenessar for #3 and #2
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    Rhoboat's Funhouse

    Stroud Rol AGE ► 20 SPECIES ► Kel Dor HEIGHT ► 6'2 WEIGHT ► 175 lbs EYE COLOR ► Silver HAIR COLOR ► N/A HOMEWORLD ► Ubrikkia GENDER ► XY FACTION ► Independent RANK ► Ringleader FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Yes, some training BIOGRAPHY Born on the Industrial world of Ubrikkia, Stroud lived with his...