Richie B.

My full name is Richard Albert Benvenuti jr. Nick name Rj by my family and I have gotten other nicknames by many of my friends. I really want to try RPing and love Star Wars. I try my best to be a nice and kind person and I'm open to just about anything. Also if anyone needs a friend or wants to talk about anything I will be glad to talk about it with you. Also I like helping people and I'm very awkward. I have a younger brother, and a lot of cousins.

Some of my hobbies include swimming, running, biking, triathlons, reading, playing games, and writing.


@Me being the all powerful and beautiful me, my guy has to pull out Swag so his guy lives and makes sure everyone leaves without anyone dying.

Does that sound good for everyone or no?

This is actually not too far off from what I concluded, so I'm going to agree with this.

^ Gaba agrees I am beautiful