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  • No thanks man. I'm trying to keep those classes restricted to only three PC's (mine included). Though, as I've said if you want to sign up for one. You're more than welcome too. And if you aren't comfortable as a participant, I'd be willing to let Triton co-teach any one of them he signs up for. I'm not particular, outside of the participant limitations that I've placed on each class.
    Well we've been talkin' hella shit on Skype so...

    You can do the coalition of light missions at the same time as this, no?
    I haven't forgotten, you don't need to keep reminding me, I have it subscribed.

    I'm extremely busy with faction stuff because of the merger. I'll get to it as soon as possible.
    Ask TAC if I can drag your paddie to the Chalactan adepts one. Ebb is one.
    Thanks man! I saw that you posted, but Korvo informed me that he'd be posting soon and decided it would be best to wait for him to make his entry before I replied again.
    well I kinda get muddled up XD coz at the time it was my turn to post...all coz I didn't notice that u and wolfcaptain(forgot the rest of the name) posted before me XD

    edit: ..I'm too used to posting in order >_< *goes off to the corner and stalks the thread instead*
    Possibly, now that our characters know each other IC Coryn is likely to ask Triton for help again in the future; but I think the ship crew idea is shot. No one was really interested in it and I don't think it'll be as fun just the two of us.
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