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  • Unless your Char is no longer capable to work in a tean and does try to do bad things to Aeryun or Taruna, everything is Shiny
    Hai dere! :)
    Welcome to my public profile *hands over cookie*

    Thanks for the heads up, it was actually a autocorrect misshap I have no clue how it happened. Corrected it tho
    I will post in our thread tomorrow evening, been wanting to get to a certain point in a long-awaited thread for a while now.

    Nevertheless, I have not forgotten!
    Going to take a nap now but I'll do an insurgency mission or two with you.
    Apologies I haven't gotten a thread up yet. Work has been busy and tiring. Will work on it when I have a break today.
    Sorry if I am out of line asking this, but is English your first langauge?

    It's ok if it is, it's not a bad thing.
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