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  • I'd definetely be up for that! By the way if you wouldn't mind joining our thread right now between Simon, his brother, and I before it gets too in depth.
    "It specifically says that a Master can know TWO forms...certainly a Knight knowing all of them is inconceivable and beyond asinine."

    That's what I described as asinine. Simply put: you are godmoding still. Please correct your post so that we might continue. It is not my opinion that a change needs to be made. I brought my concerns to GABA who agreed that you have to make an edit. If you are bothered by the rules, please address your concerns with her.

    Hi. I just have some few issues with your post in our training thread.

    First of all, Kes didn't thrust his hand out. Someone that doesn't use gestures and uses their mind shows that they have mastery of telekinesis and he has mastery over Telekinesis that is far beyond any Crusader in the Sith Order, both in the roster, and an NPC.

    Secondly, you seem to be describing that he has a Sith Master like level control of telekinesis. The objects are extremely heavy for an acolyte, and even a Crusader would have extremely high levels of difficulty achieving the telekinetic control Kes showed. Please show that in your post.

    Lastly, sorry for not posting. I've been busy as you know Just fix this issues and were cool. :)
    My turn... You have Metagamed in several spots... you need to change this last post in order to finish this mission...

    1) Tutaminis would not be performed that quickly or perfectly regardless of ability. Momentum of the attacking swing would prevent a one handed swat... Also, you would need time to conjure the energy to repel the energy of the lightsaber, which you did not explain, it was jazz hands everywhere!
    2) Vaapad wouldn't use any other form, that bleeds into what many people have said about mastering all forms and being against the rules. Vaapad is about the emotions of the attacker and turning them against the wielder, it doesn't fuel your attack it fuels their ability to leave themselves open to attack. The cycle of emotions is through the force not physical which again you did not explain.

    Change your post as I would like to get Dartel off Sullust, and as Nakoma has mentioned, Gaba has been contacted so I would hate to have an Admin reign down on this mission...
    It is not "textbook" anything, it is your opinion of what one form may look like during application. Again, if you have an issue, please take it up with Gaba. At this point, our mission is on hold due to godmoding within your reply - it needs to be edited for further progress to be made. I was lenient earlier in the RP when Raleigh could sense/hear/know everything that was going on because, even though Nakoma's mind is an impenetrable fortress, he could tap into all she could see/know/hear/feel. Your character is not a Master and even Masters cannot do everything as well as you claim Raleigh to be able to do. In your profile, you are a Master at a dozen things and proficient at everything, that's against site rules. It specifically says that a Master can know TWO forms...certainly a Knight knowing all of them is inconceivable and beyond asinine. Please make the appropriate edits so that we may continue.Thanks!
    Hey there, please edit your reply to "Stopping Darkness" as it is beyond OP'd for a variety of reasons. For instance, you cannot stop a lightsaber with your bare hand. There is no way that Raleigh can know all of the forms, especially since that breaks the site rules. You wrote your reply in such a way that indicates that no matter what opposition Raleigh faces, he will most certainly conquer it and defeat the foe with one hand tied behind his back while blind folded.

    Also, please include the actions of the attacker facing Pyro's Knight.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please address them to GABA as this has already been brought to her attention and she decided that an edit was necessary before further progress could be made.

    I swear I'm not taking forever to post on purpose! Rl has been more hectic than I thought it would be :(
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