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  • Maybe you can sort out this problem. Republic forces blew up the Temple. Everyone's dead, including Link. However, Zach got special permission to show the duel between Zach's Alice and Zen's Link before the bombs went off on the condition they'd die anyways. However, Zen then manipulated the deal to his advantage by having Link suddenly flee the battle due to his OOC knowledge.
    I asked Bac about this already, but I'd like to have a second Admin opinion on the matter, since Bac is in charge of the Bogan and has the chance of being accused as biased. In the Invasion of Ando Prime, it was discussed if my character, Alice Levaquin, a Bogan Acolyte, could return from her mission during the invasion and be a part of the orbital thread. Such ideas that have been thought of or discussed have been returning, seeing the fleet, calling the Hutts for help, and then landing planet side, or possibly taking part in the orbital battle. Bac gave the go-ahead, but nothing's finalized yet, also due to the fact that I wanted to get another Admin approval.

    Your thoughts on the matter?
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    ^really needed to be done.
    Sorry to bother you, and I would send this in the form of a PM but that isn't working for me right now. Anyway, I recently was involved in a roleplay where I believe someone metagamed. Unsure of what to do, I accepted it, but after further review, I realized this flaw. In the thread Another Day in the Life, The Dragon Reborn posted that he had fired off multiple shots at the back of my head, a few centimeters a way. If I'm correct, I believe he should've said something along the lines of: "He tried to squeeze off a few shots at his opponents head." Am I in the wrong here, or am I correct for doubting?
    Curse you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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