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  • Yeah I've been trying to get ahold of him but for some reason our MSN account seem to hate each other lol. Oh well, I'll keep trying. If you need my guy for anything don't hesitate to ask, if I remember correctly from reading your profile our character's motivations/thought processes are very similar.
    Oh, I wasn't asking if you could train me. I was asking if I should be training others. I see you Lords are all holding classes, I wasn't sure if Marauders should be doing the same thing for the acolytes that miss out on the first round.
    Hey man, I just got approved as a Sith Sorcerer, and since you're the head Sorcerer I guess that means you're my boss. Is there anything specific you would like my character to do, any classes you want him to teach, etc.? Thanks.
    Very well, SIn. I'll post tomorrow morning. Leave a spot for me open. Much Thanks Sin.*hugs*.
    Will there be another thread. For a one on one training. Or should I join this one tomorrow morning.
    Ways of the Force [Core Training] Is the one on one thread for You training Bobby right?
    So you'll train Bobby? Much thanks Sin, I need a favor can you start the thread, and I'll reply tomorrow morning at 9 am. It's 7:07 pm but mom doesn't want me, on leaving computer over night. And sneaking hoping not to get caught.
    Sin? Are we be able to do a one on one training for force, if your willing to take Bobby.
    Yes, That's Bobby's goal so, that will suit him well?Are you able to train him?
    I dont have a class yet because the only option left when I logged on was Archive Keeper and my Sith Lord is a militant Barabel who specializes in fighting, military tactics, and aggressive use of the Force. That slot obviously wouldnt make sense for the character, so Malon filled it and said he'd be thinking of another position I could do. I had posted my Atop the Spire thing before Malon even made the announcement so I assumed it was still ok to do that...
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