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    oh hey

    Enishi! I missed you
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    Hi. It's me again.

    Honestly Soph I totally respect the stunt you pulled 10 (15??) years ago because I still remember it vividly. A lot of strange things have happened on this website over the years and most were totally forgettable but what you did definitely makes the top 10 and I'll probably die with that...
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    A Return to Free(Form) for SWRP

    I agree with Johnny. I'm not going back until the sub account system is completely removed from the boards. It's a complete farce. Is this even serious? I have to make an account for each of my characters? Are you kidding me? Theoretically, if someone had ten characters, then that would mean ten...
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    A Return to Free(Form) for SWRP

    This is great. I loved freestyling with my friends before. Definitely count this old veteran in!
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    Independent Gram “Gale” Van Alasdaire

    This is the SECOND Kyle character to be criticized by the mod team in less than 24 hours. I'm beginning to see the start of a pattern here. See this thread for reference.
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    Sith Order Kyle Stewart

    Not a good look.
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    Please be gentle : )

    Welcome back!
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    Independent Darth Empress Viea

    Dark Empress Viea ( Mistress Plak'la Uss) Matron Adena Qel-Droma Human Female Age: 1, 275 Height: 1.557 M ( 5ft 11in) Weight: 66.2 KG (146 lbs) (from tits) (120lbs not counting) Eyes : Ice Blue Hair : Autumn Gold/red Skin: fair. Home World: Alderaan Class type : Dark Lord / Danthiri...
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    Speculation General What Stand-alone/Anthology film would you like to see next?

    I would like to see a standalone General Grievous film. Where did he get these lightsabers? That would be sick.
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    COVID 19 thread

    How is everyone coping with the pandemic?
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    Please be gentle : )

    Hi everyone. It's my first time in a while. Good to see everyone here : )
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    A New Star Wars trailer? Already?

    This was just uploaded on last night. Not sure if it's legit.
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    Goodbye Stranger

    I don't know you.
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    New Photos From The Force Awakens