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    Post Your Pictures: Version 9.0

    You suddenly look 12.
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    Happy Birthday!
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    Yael Furtificus

    You guys do know that this thread is dead and that you shouldn't have posted in it, right?
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    I'm leaving on Thursday. Like I said. =P
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    The fact that you like Twilight is the real problem.
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    Battlestar Galactica.

    Hmmm. I'd generally be interested. But no thanks - I appreciate the effort nonetheless.
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    Did... did you get touched in that place too?
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    master of puppets

    The overall sense of it wasn't bad, but I found it pretty cliche, and I didn't particularly like the grammar and wording. Still, not bad.
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    Staff Feedback: Brandon Rhea

    You're just about fine. I think the rule is that you can post in threads as long as the last post wasn't over two weeks ago.
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    Post Your Pictures: Version 9.0

    Yeah, per Viggy. I had no idea who Alana was, until I realised it was Wing.
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    Discussion Thread

    It's perfectly obvious as it is...
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    I like the layout. A pretty decent profile too.
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    Absolutely Pathetic

    Well, the fact that it's subjective isn't subjective. What I'm saying is that "better" is a matter of opinion, as not everyone's ever going to agree with it.
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    Absolutely Pathetic

    It's not "crap" it's one of the facts of life. Nothing that's in the least bit related to an opinion can ever be fact. I'm advocating killing terrorists, not Muslims.
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    Absolutely Pathetic

    It's effective now too; or at least would be when tried.