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  • that's alright =) I guessed that RL got in the way lol, and tib's vanished as well for now =(
    No problem, I'll make sure you're on the new roster. Can you VM a link to your character's for me?
    Hi! The Cartel's doing an Acitivity Check so we can gauge who all is here for a big roster cleanup and more fun stuff! Don't forget to respond if you're still active!

    Very close to its final days; Corric has just called in reinforcements, so they just have to hold out for 2+ hours. But the enemy will pull back once they realize that they missed a few stormies that are now hitting their rear guard, giving stormies time to recuperate.
    You can go ahead and post :) There really isn't a set posting order; he's busy on all accounts anyway, and he'll post whenever he's free.
    Actually talked to Vex yesterday. He's counting it already finished. It doesn't matter either way to me. Just as long as I can move on
    one of the reasons I was brought in was to change the opinions of the other Masters there, but since you are now on point if you want me to do that I can
    Just wondering if we're still going to finish up that thread with the acolytes. I don't really want my acolyte staying in limbo and would like to end it asap so I can try to get a few other skills for her or maybe a duel or two but I want to finish this one first.
    I planned to arrive on kiffu in my next post, should I hold off on that until you are ready?
    I posted. If its a mess I apologize. I am going to be on my phone all week which adds in the difficulty of it all.
    Looks like I'll get to start our thread this weekend. Probably won't be working so that's a good sign. :D
    I'm still game, just been really busy these past couple of days with work, and my brother's birthday.
    Hey I have a few questions for you if you don't mind.

    Since you're only posting on Mondays now, would we be skipping over whoever didn't post and continue on a weekly basis? And how long do you anticipate the training will last?
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