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  • We gotta wait until the thread is done but I think that is the plan, I will double check with Silverface to confirm
    Welp Kell is active and I think Ordo and Bralor are becoming bffs, so dibs on an rp eventually?
    Well, I am always down to role play! But unfortunately I have no characters that would play nice with a Mando (active characters that is) save for Kell, and he is in stasis awaiting a Bralor rescue D:
    I think you look like someone I used to know back in high school, anyways my name is James (Justified/Pax as they call me here) and it is a pleasure to meet your acquaintance!
    You live!!! Just some time back I saw TJ and I was all "Waitaminute, this fool keeps popping up every now and then but what happened to that cool T-Cake chick from when I first joined?!". But I'm glad to see you around and kicking! Let me know if you ever wanna do an rp ^_^
    Hi-ya, was wondering if your character, Shev'dela, might want to meet with mine, Sandy. They're both Mando and women, some of the few! Just thought it'd be an interesting bond.
    Hey! Yeah TJ told me, but I'm still unsure what I'm joining as. I don't know what the plan for Jedi is and I'm trying to figure out how to make an entry as S13. I was hesitating 'cause my char was under lockdown in another thread.
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