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  • The general concept sounds fine. Obviously it's the specifics that matter, but I see no problem with the concept.
    Awesome. Hope to be able to RP out another thread where Rosa stumbles upon an amnesiac and tries to help her out.
    Well crap, that sucks. And here I was enjoyinh RPing as Rosa when she wasn't in a life or death situation. Any way for you to salvage the character? Like, make it a clone of someone unimportant?
    Oh yeah, sorry for being a bother but shoot me a VM when Bac is finished investigating your character. That way, I'll know whether or not to post my post.
    I'd prefer to keep only Weiss in it, since having five people in a thread is kinda stretching it and I've only ever accomplished a 3 or 4 man thread by constantly keeping track of everyone else.
    Suggestion: I could bring a droid PC that could find you and claim to be hired to take care of you. It won't give you any details past serving you. The droid would secretly be a spy for the creators of the clone.
    Think Weiss should join in or we just develop the plot of Weiss' involvement later?
    Oh, I wasn't suggesting he did it by himself. Sorry if it sounded like that. I was suggested he was one of the people who helped.
    Okay. And what do you think of my suggestion (of Geist or the Guild, an Indie I created) being the one to make the cloned Adara?
    The Alliance merged with the NJO, and the NJO FL is Prancing Yawn. He's been a bit inactive lately so you could talk to another Councilor if you need to, such as GABA, Master Maverick, or Matt (current name is Otho). Welcome back!
    I'll post in your thread tomorrow mate. I'm stuck at the beach with no working comp and it'll take waaay to long to post a reply using my phone. Great thread though.
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