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  • I liked Tessy's write up. It was very clear and well written(meaning it made my write up look like it was written in crayon). I think that their personalities would work well together.
    Sounds better than his y-wing. At this point his ship was stolen. He's been having quite an adventure on Tatooine. He just came from 'joining the cause' to 'random attack' and I'm basically setting things up to explain why he was at 'Chalmun's spaceport cantina' where he had discovered who the bag guys were, where they were, and what they were planning and made a call for all badasses to join in. Once he takes down their terror cell he's free as a bird. It's been one hell of a story.
    I would very much like to rp with Kenzie one'a deez dayz, with Lev. Maybe your next thread? I like open ones. ;P
    Dropped a post, mostly observing everything that went down from landing to wookiee leg-blasting and explosive decapitation until a vague introduction to feel out the verbal tension.
    Sounds cool to me. I don't much expect jobs of the cannibalistic or savage variety to come along, as far as 'common society morals' are concerned. Probably the worst job my character would attempt to put together would be raiding parties or smuggling ops. I'll figure out a way to fit Aleyah in sometime tonight.
    Hey, I was looking at your Open thread for your Indi Pirate Recruitment, and I was wondering if your invitation for social players still stood, with the thread already in progress. Unfortunately with the site's new rule about characters being bound to a single faction, I'm limited to the Rebellion, but it would make sense for those sorts of contacts. Despite not being a noted member, I'd love to hold some sort of association between my character and your organization.
    Awesome, what sort of things would she be interested in? And how can I help her with them?
    Well Tess can be on that planet you know. I mean since you haven't said much about where she'd be, or is, now I'm guessing you have more of an idea there than I do.
    Yeah looks like you're in need of a good thread my man.

    So listen I may have something for you to join. Me and Cassa are planning on doing a job with Yuri and Jack. The basic premise is that they go to this Miami type place to do some kind of big spice deal. However they get jumped and lose the spice or whatever. So they have to get it back. If you'd like you could throw in Asmo or Tess?
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