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    Hey GABA, it’s good to see you’re still around =)

    Been a long time, you been well?
    I have, I think, or at least I keep telling myself. xD
    Hey Zach! I know you're involved with Raw Materials, just wanted to check in and see how it's going. You have any questions or concerns feel free to VM or PM me!
    I apologise if life is busy on you atm, but I just wanted to say that you're up in Raw Materials, if you still wanna continue that thread.
    Duly noted, hope you get better soon man. I'd actually forgotten this mission didn't have the NPC as actually mandatory, soooo yeah XD
    Hi Zach, how are you? I'd like to know if you would like to begin the thread with Gremont or you want that I do that. Also sounds like J4X was removed from this mission, then Ilyusha has signed up, he wants begin the mission, so I'd like to know if you still have availability now. Thanks.
    So... quick question. Shall I NPC the dudes on the station, or was that what we could use Hawk for?
    You're back? :O It's Nevermore/Words depending on when we met which I do not remember!
    I read her profile, and a small idea rose in my mind. Gremont is a soldier of the Rebellion, and is a middle-aged man, due the war he could not marry and have children, so maybe, he could develop a paternal bond with her, helping and protecting her. I think that would provide a very good backstory, what's your suggestion?
    Do you think I should go ahead and post in here skipping rollingrhunder's turn? (Did I spell his name right? >.<)
    ...Ah, I apologise. I didn't realise you'd edited your post in the Island thread. As a reference, Cortan is meant to be speaking to Kat. Unless you'd rather it be a case of mistaken identity on Cortan's front?
    For sure we can do a thread together, tell me your plans then I could help with one of my PCs.
    I have a Rebel Soldier involved in many missions, a Jedi Padawan walking to do the Jedi Trials to become a Knight (I need send a plot to GABA for approval), as well as a grey ex-Jedi Kinight which is like a punisher, or something like that.
    No, if I was sick I would have posted already. I'm just tied up right now, so I'm a little stressed. I should be fine either tonight or tomorrow.
    Absolutely. They would allow an association title so that they would know to come to said persons' aid without hesitation. The only time they would say no is if they were asked to become subject to some society's laws, which i know the rebels wouldn't do since they're technically in the same boat.
    It was on the spot - he suggested it :D I was just using that scenario as an excuse to be there early, but now it's all bigger and better :P
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