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    Rank-Change Thread

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    I'm going to have to archive this submission to inactivity. After looking at this submission again, it would need heavy revisions anyway. It's just too similar to existing species and unfortunately doesn't distinguish itself enough from others with only superficial differences.
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    Circe De Sanguis

    Was the Black Magic write-up ever approved? The intent is still barebones. I'm not sure what the narrative purpose of this group is besides it exists. I need to have one for every faction. I'd just go back over my original critique and make sure anything is checked off. Also, can the NPCs be...
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    Rank-Change Thread

    Character Name and Subaccount Link: @Nye Arden Character Profile Link: Here Character Age: 25 Current Rank: Blackwell Agent Rank Seeking: Blackwell Manager Current Level: 2 (via Legacy) Level Seeking: No change Notable Deeds: Nye Arden is an instrument for Father (@Newton Arden) to further...
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    posts tomorrow

    posts tomorrow
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    posts by monday

    posts by monday
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    Restricted Ship M808 Miy’til Terminus Interceptor

    Me again. If you are having trouble with a replacement image, I have some suggestions to keep them looking more Star wars while trying to keep with the Hapan aesthetic. Here here Hope those help
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    Droid V6-G4 Series Heavy Combat Droid

    V6-G4 Heavy Combat Droid AFFILIATION Open Market MANUFACTURER Blackwell Automata CLASS Heavy Combat Droid LOCOMOTION Bipedal POWER SUPPLY Rechargeable power cell, 48-hour duration. SENSORS 1x photoreceptors. 2x audio receptor. DIMENSIONS 2 meters COMPOSITION Armored Durasteel. TOOLS &...
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    Artifact Light Avenger

    Site Lore Light Avenger A unique relic forged by the ancient Jedi before the advent of the Lightsaber, the Light Avenger was a special force-forged longsword by an ancient Jedi Master whose name is lost to history, but his legacy remains in this blade. This sword was said to be created in the...
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    Restricted Ship M808 Miy’til Terminus Interceptor

    Hello there, welcome to the tech boards. I don't approve tech here, I'm just leaving some constructive feedback as a fellow writer. So just an FYI the `Intent` section needs to describe the OOC intent for what the intention of a piece of tech is, not the in-character intention. So, the most...
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    Welcome to the boards! We have a discord too if you would like If you have any questions feel free to ask!
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    Galactic Atlas & Map Update Requests

    Map updated. Pretty big one
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    Location Stygian Reaches The Arden Veil

    Site Lore The Arden Veil A shimmering expanse of gas and dust, the the Arden Veil is a notable nebula that is on the edges the Arden Sector in the Stygian Reaches, also referred to as the Veil of Arden or simply the Veil. The nebula lies north east inside the Arden Sector in grid E-11. When...
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    Rank-Change Thread

    All done!
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    Fanon Stygian Reaches Nix' On-Doe Sae

    It's still a bit sprace, but for the Reaches i'm inclined to approve. Perhaps during the roleplay it can be expanded on.
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    Circe De Sanguis

    Do you mean `Cirque` instead of `Circe`? The Intent needs to justify that group's reason for existing. What is the narrative purpose of this group in the roleplay besides your character being a part of it? What sets this apart from the Sith? On a similar note, what are the goals and philosophy...
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    I'll be frank here. I don't think this submission distinguishes itself meaningfully enough from species that exists in site canon. Aside from the bat traits, these effectively base-line humans with a longer life span. If you take away just the bat-traits but not the life span, you'd essentially...
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    Open Use Armor Space Explorer Suit

    Space Explorer Suit TYPE Heavy COVERAGE • Head: Fully enclosed helmet w/ transperisteel visor (removable) • Torso: Alusteel • Back: Alusteel FUNCTIONS Function 1: Vac-Suit A vacuum suit, commonly referred to as a space suit or vac-suit, is a non-armored garment, typically built into more...