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  1. Alelcai

    Somm Orjoz

    Character Profile Link: profile Character Sub-account Link: sub Deeds ... ... ...
  2. Alelcai

    Jedi Order Somm Orjoz

    SOMM ORJOZ AGE ►18 SPECIES ► Twi’Lek HEIGHT ► 6’0 WEIGHT ► 130lb EYE COLOR ► Purple HAIR COLOR ► N/A HOMEWORLD ► Ryloth GENDER ► Male FACTION ► Jedi Order RANK ► Padawan FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Yes BIOGRAPHY Early life. Somm was born on Ryloth in 108 ABY. His parents were interstellar traders...
  3. Alelcai

    Tawn Edoy WIP

    Tawn Edoy AGE ► XX SPECIES ► Twi'lek HEIGHT ► XX WEIGHT ► XXX EYE COLOR ► Purple HAIR COLOR ► N/A HOMEWORLD ► Planet GENDER ► Male FACTION ► N/A RANK ► N/A FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Force Sensetive BIOGRAPHY 1 Header 2 Header 3 Header 4 Header 5 Title ― Description ― • Thread...
  4. Alelcai


    Hello from the UK, been searching for a good community to put down some roots and meet some likeminded people and kill some of that boring time at work. I am very new to all of this with litle to no previous experience, looking forward to creating a half decent character (with lots of help and...