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    Independent Horatio "the fixer" Kystos

    NAME: Horatio Kystos FACTION: N/A SPECIES: Human AGE: 42 GENDER: male HEIGHT: 5'11.5" (he'll tell you 6 foot) WEIGHT: 90kg FORCE SENSITIVE: Insensitive APPEARANCE: Middle age is just starting to show in his brown hair starting to grey and his muscles losing their crisp definition of an...
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    Bugs & Issues Sub account issues

    Hi sorry to be a pain Every time I try to change anything on the subaccount, it logs me out part way through, so I can't add links to my ooc account etc And every time I try to add an avatar it changes my main account avatar... Thanks
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    Jedi Order Xander Snythe

    NAME: Xander Snythe FACTION: Jedi Order RANK: Padawan SPECIES: Human AGE: 21 GENDER: male HEIGHT: 6'5" WEIGHT: 85kg FORCE SENSITIVE: trained APPEARANCE: Tall and fairly slender. Blonde hair and blue eyes are the first clue to his family history. His Jedi robes are well fitted and well kept. He...
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    Lost and aimless

    My Sith (Saric) was on the wrong side of the unification debate at the fall of the Republica. Since then he had been in voluntary exile. I had tried to have him join a minor faction, but that never got off the ground, so my activity waned. I'm looking to bring him back into action but need a...
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    Darius Alexander

    Darius Alexander Darius believes in two things: the United Protectorate project and the Preeminence of the Empire within it. FACTION: United Protectorate RANK: Senator SPECIES: Human AGE: 35 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 6'0" WEIGHT: 75kg FORCE SENSITIVE: negative APPEARANCE: Tall with curly brown...
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    Trade Blocks

    Character Name and Level: Saric Noms (1) Character Rank: Crusader Name of Plot: Trade Blocks Participants in the plot (Character accounts): @Eriana Fox @Talo Geist x2 @Saorise Kallig @Merrick Helmsdottir @Shikari Intended Outcome of Plot: take over and consolidation of Imperial power in the...
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    With the anticlimactic unification of the 2 empires, would anyone be keen to take part in a clandestine anti-unification movement? Let me know. In the meantime I shall be looking up precisely what it is we oppose. All love
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    Enoch North

    "Tell us what we want to know and this will all be over." Enoch snapped the leather belt taut. His two henchmen were brandishing shock sticks and had been doing all the heavy lifting so far. Nevertheless, Enoch found that there was something primal in a threat of immediate physical violence that...
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    Spearhead OOC

    @Sreeya has approached me privately to say I had timed out and asking me to remove my post. I disagree. @Cainhurst Crow had until yesterday to respond to my entrance. They didn't, which is their right, especially as no attack was levelled. Then our clock started, expiring tomorrow. Even if I...
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    Dicing through

    Not having our accents noticed 51-100: Success. We get away with it 26-50: Barely a success. Shop keeper is suspicious 11-25: Mild fail, he knows and wants something 2-10: Major fail, he knows and tries to take us 1: Critical fail a detachment of pirates land D100 @Brick
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    Fireworks Dice

    How goes the silent approach to the target? 100: Critical success. 81-99: Rousing success. Find an open sewer with clear sight lines - empty 51-80: Success. Find a sewer - dark 26-50: Barely a success. There's a civilian that might have seen us 11-25: Mild fail, come across a two man patrol...
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    Faction NPCs

    What's the deal with them? Are they the same as other NPCs and therefore just cardboard cut outs? In which case what can you use them for? Is there any benefit to amassing human resources (as against, say, advanced tech)? (Referring to the mission-reward-type NPCs)
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    Screaming dice

    Approaching the tunnel undetected 100: Critical success. 81-99: Rousing success. We find a sleeping guard we can extract things from 51-80: Success. We find an open door into an empty tunnel 26-50: Barely a success. The door is locked, we are still undetected 11-25: Mild fail, there's a guard...
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    Defense of the realm

    There are ongoing attacks on IR assets Is anyone coordinating? Willing bodies for PvP required
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    Captain Gordo Drast, of the Harbinger one of the few surviving heroes of the last great war. People still talk about how he took his 14 gun Corvette into the jaws of a frigate twice his size and personally led the boarding action that took her. But now, the Dark Side that once gave him power...
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    Adventurer(s) wanted

    Hi all I need some help with the next stage in a plot After discovering some shifty goings on with @Brick in this thread, my Republican Sith shall be following up a lead on hemelder aurek, to discover what the illicit shipments are. Perhaps you can help me find my contact? Perhaps you are my...
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    Argo Swan

    NAME: Argo Swan FACTION: Imperial Republic RANK: Agent SPECIES: Human AGE: 23 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 190cm WEIGHT: 80kg FORCE SENSITIVE: Negative Biography Born to a middle class family in Coruscant, he was well educated and excelled in maths and the sciences. He was earmarked for a career in...
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    Outback Holdout Dice

    As we have gone over the timer, we will be on dice - so no time to start etc... Rolling for noise outside coming into warehouse 100: Critical success. to refer 81-99: Rousing success. Everything goes better than expected - no one comes out, and Merrick may take a bonus when he gets to the...
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    Trade blocks

    Control the routes to the Galactic South decreed the empress. She raised up Moff Tilbury to establish a buffer zone on the neck of the Correllian run centered on Gamor. He was assisted by a young Sith Crusader, Saric Noms as his aide de campe. The armies were deployed and found little...
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    Trade blocks

    what is going to happen in your plot? The Republic will consolidate its power in the Gamor sector, dealing with the various planets as the situation demands in each. I have listed the scenarios that need to be dealt with in the annex. What other players will be a part of this? Various IR...