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  1. Naxa

    Ask Comment Cards

    Location: High orbit over Belsavis, Senex-Juvex, Mid Rim "Doctor Morata. Emergency repairs are complete. The Resolute Defiance is now operating at eighty seven percent efficiency. It does not look like anybody is aware of our presence and has responded. Some freighters on the far side of the...
  2. Naxa

    Open Maw That Meets the Eye

    THEME N4-X4 had only been working for the Bounty Hunters Guild for a few weeks. Today, the machine had been contracted to recover a smuggler by the name of Jibson Blyth. The smuggler was the primary target and was wanted dead or alive by members of the Five Syndicates. The commando droid did...
  3. Naxa

    Ask Nar Shaddaa Preliminary Steps

    The body of the injured Zabrak dragged behind the Commando droid. The binders were tightly affixed to the wounded target's wrists. It was from the space between the wrists that N4-X4 dragged the zabrak. The smoking hole on the front of the organic's chest would have maybe bothered a non-droid...
  4. Naxa

    Open Tatooine Statement of Requirements

    The sand was a mild concern to the droid. Over time it could cause issues with his servos and other functions if not properly maintained. The combat droid wore a long cloak around his body, hiding anything below his neck. First, he approached the building in Mos Eisley where he had been informed...