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    Write-Up Sector Ranger Roster

    Sector Rangers Roster Chief Douglas Hudson (NPC) Captains --- Lieutenants Kal Zyn Dross Nick Shaw Trys Aran Rangers are not listed on this roster.
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    How to Roll Dice

    1 ) Make a post in an OOC thread and click "Edit" on it: 2) After you click edit, click "Throw Dice" 3) Fill out what you're throwing dice for, pick the amount of rolls and the dice faces then click "Throw Dice" What Correctly Thrown Dice Looks Like
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    Main Faction Battle Template

    Fill out the below submission form to have any battles to be considered for a Main Faction Battle. Not following the submissions template results in an immediate rejection. What is your faction What is your role in the faction? Where are all the locations in which your battle will take place...
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    The Galactic Atlas

  5. Star Wars Legacies

    Artifact Gift of the Bendu

    Site Lore History The Gift of the Bendu is a gem forged by the mystical creature, the Bendu, to assist one who has proven their worth in the Force. Its intent and past is as mysterious to the stone's existence. The stone may align to its owner after successfully completing the trials from the...
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    Information Jedi Order NPCs

    Oota Boan AGE ► 54 Standard Years SPECIES ► Ithorian HEIGHT ► 6' 5" WEIGHT ► 240 lbs EYE COLOR ► Blue HAIR COLOR ► No Hair HOMEWORLD ► Ithor GENDER ► Male FACTION ► Jedi Order RANK ► Grandmaster FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Yes Biography From an early age, Oota knew he wanted to help others. He...
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    The Story So Far

    The Story So Far "A thousand generations live in you now." —Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master In 35 ABY, the Sith were destroyed forever. Rey of Jakku and Ben Solo, the redeemed Kylo Ren, confronted the reborn Emperor Palpatine, the last Dark Lord of the Sith as a fleet of allied ships from worlds...
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    Unknown Regions & Wild Space Known Characters

    Player characters that are well-known in the Unknown Regions & Wild Space are listed here. Characters
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    Outer Rim Known Characters

    Player characters that are well-known in the Outer Rim are listed here. Characters The Arcanist
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    Expansion Region & Mid Rim Known Characters

    Player characters that are well-known in the Expansion Region & Mid Rim are listed here. Characters
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    Colonies & Inner Rim Known Characters

    Player characters that are well-known in the Colonies & Inner Rim are listed here. Characters
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    Deep Core & Core Worlds Known Characters

    Player characters that are well-known in the Deep Core & Core Worlds are listed here. Characters
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    Corporate Blackwell Technologies

    Blackwell Technologies Blackwell Technologies (BT) is a mega-corporation formed during the Fires of Rebellion era. Blackwell Technologies sells products in almost every single aspect of technology there is, from starfighters, to space-station, to capital craft. Not only that to speeders and...
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    Weapon Bowcaster

    Bowcaster AFFILIATION Wookies MANUFACTURER Hand Crafted SIZE 1.1m WEIGHT 8.5kg loaded COMPOSITION Usually wood and various metals WEAPON TYPE Slugthrower DAMAGE TYPE Heavy AMMUNITION CAPACITY 5 Rounds per magazine FIRE SELECTOR Manually Reloaded Semi-Auto MAX RANGE 50m DESCRIPTION A...
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    Weapon Cycler Rifle

    Cycler Rifle AFFILIATION Tusken Raiders / Outlaws MANUFACTURER Various SIZE 1.4m WEIGHT 4.5kg loaded COMPOSITION Various WEAPON TYPE Slugthrower DAMAGE TYPE Light AMMUNITION CAPACITY 5 Rounds per clip, tube, or magazine FIRE SELECTOR Semi Automatic MAX RANGE 500m DESCRIPTION The...
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    Armor Blast Vest

    Blast Vest The humble blast vest is simultaneously one of the lightest types of armor you can possibly buy, and also by far the most common you'll ever see. Blast vests provide basic protection for your most vital areas, are readily available throughout the galaxy in a variety of patterns, and...
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    Generitech Rules

    GENERITECH RULES AND GUIDELINES Generic Tech (or Generitech, for style) is the term for all tech items that do not need to go through the normal submission and approval process that most tech submissions require. To help members determine whether or not their particular tech item falls into...
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    Reputation System Rules

    SWRP uses a reputation system to determine the prestige of a character. There are seven levels of reputation. Reputation can earned by plots, participating in Main Faction Battles, completing special site-wide events, and doing significant acts in the role-play that would increase your...
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    Character Archive Request Thread

    Character Archive Request This thread is to request to archive characters from the story. Here are the following guidelines for archiving characters: Characters are to be archived if they are killed in the story or they no longer serve a purpose in the story. Characters may also be archived...
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    Character Rules & Creation Guide

    CHARACTER RULES & CREATION GUIDE Welcome to the character creation rules & guide thread. This thread includes the rules and basics of character creation. TABLE OF CONTENTS Factions & Organizations » Basic Requirements » Character Templates » Species » Miscellaneous » Factions &...