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    Independent Darth Empress Viea

    Dark Empress Viea ( Mistress Plak'la Uss) Matron Adena Qel-Droma Human Female Age: 1, 275 Height: 1.557 M ( 5ft 11in) Weight: 66.2 KG (146 lbs) (from tits) (120lbs not counting) Eyes : Ice Blue Hair : Autumn Gold/red Skin: fair. Home World: Alderaan Class type : Dark Lord / Danthiri...
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    COVID 19 thread

    How is everyone coping with the pandemic?
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    Please be gentle : )

    Hi everyone. It's my first time in a while. Good to see everyone here : )
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    A New Star Wars trailer? Already?

    This was just uploaded on last night. Not sure if it's legit.
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    New Photos From The Force Awakens
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    Lord Darth Sinvidious, Dark Sith Lord of the Sith

    "I am neither the Jedi named SIN nor the Sith Lord Invidius. I am the Sith Lord without a name. I am Sinvidius." - On self-titling as Dark Lord of the Sith Meeting Darth Sinvidius is one of the most terrifying experiences one will ever... experience. His voice is like the voice of Death, but...
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    SWRP Friendship Thread

    Users on this site, in my opinion, have become increasingly hostile. The atmosphere of friendship that used to be so prevalent here has almost been completely sucked out. People are always at each other's throats, and as such, Friendships have become, unfortunately, almost a rarity. Only a few...
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    Mass Effect 4 leaked? This looks really interesting.
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    Brandon Rhea interview in Forbes
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    Second Episode VII Trailer
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    Furious 7

    Has anyone else seen it? It's great, and it was very touching. This is a great tribute video of Paul Walker. Paul's family has asked, in lieu of flowers or other gifts, that donations please be made to Paul's charity REACH OUT WORLDWIDE (ROWW)...
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    Iran Nuclear Deal.

    Key details are emerging. EU and US agreed to lift all nuclear sanctions. Iran will halve its number of centrifuge, and convert nuclear facilities into science centres. This is a momentous day.
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    Halt and Catch Fire

    Anyone else a fan of this show?
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    United Nations of SWRP

    Post here and I'll assign a country based on your personality. So far, Brandon: United States Prospero: China Sovereign: Iran Boli: Russia Johnny: U.K JP: France Graham: Italy Padme: Germany Adena: Brazil Kaeb: North Korea Gaja: South Sudan Noorbal: Luxembourg Clayton: Sealand Hassan: Japan...
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    Do you tip?

    Are you a tipper? How much do you normally tip in restaurants? Or do you simply let the free market decide?
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    Happy Ireland day, everyone! And to those of you celebrating in Ireland, I hope you get to set aside time to enjoy your traditional potato pies on this very special occasion! As they say in Ireland: Dia is Mhuire Duit agus Padraig! Or, the top of the morning to you!
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    Anyone else watches it? It's pretty good. Better than the 100's. I think.
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    Your Political Compass

    Take the test here: Here are my results:
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    Tons of Star Wars Battlefront Rumours + Force Awakens Info So Tatooine confirmed?
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    SWRP 2015 Butt Olympics

    I'm making another version of this game since the last one was deleted (censored). The last item you purchased goes up your butt. What is it? Are you OK?