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  1. Cofi

    If you have balls you'll read this thread

    Now that I got your attention I have something to ask ya. I'm SUPER MEGA GIGA BORED!!! And my stomach hurts, so I'm not going to school and I have free time! Yay! ::D: So what do the members of an awesome RP site recommend me to do? Except RP(because there's no one that wants to RP with me...
  2. Cofi

    Gta iv

    Okay, so I installed GTA IV couple weeks ago, and yesterday I finished it. Now I'm going for 100%. It's interesting and I wanted to see if someone else is playing, so that we could play online. And also show me how to play online ;) And in your opinion which of the EFLC is better? The Ballad of...
  3. Cofi

    Your favorite PS2 games

    Like the title says post your favorite PS2 games! I don't know which games to play so I decided to see what games you like and try to play em :) My favorite games: Have them a lot.... MGS3: Snake Eater, Gran Turismo 4, Tourist Trophy, Tekken 5, GTA SA, GTA VC, GTA III (yeah fanatic for GTA :D )...
  4. Cofi

    Renzo's beginning

    So Renzo's ship crashed on Corellia. There weren't any survivors other then Renzo. Grabing his training lightsaber he escaped the ship and ran away. But the pirates chased him. He tried to hide because he knew they were chasing him. He wasn't sure, was he on Corellia? While he was running he...
  5. Cofi

    Renzo Armeron

    NAME: Renzo Armeron FACTION: Hutt Cartel RANK: Kung SPECIES: Human AGE: 17 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 181cm WEIGHT: 75kg EYES: Brown HAIR: Blond SKIN: Caucasian CREDITS: 2838 DISTINGUISHING MARKS: - FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes
  6. Cofi


    Hello. I am Cofi, Gaja's little brother. :bitchez I am 13 years old. I hope we will have fun and great times doing the RP!