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  1. Cailst

    Alejandro Orellana

    Basic Data Name: Alejandro Orellana Gender: Male Height: 5'6" Weight: 135 Pounds Skin Color: Brown Eye color: Brown Hair Color: Black Background Corruption! It pervaded the galaxy! Sometimes as visible as a supernova. Other times, as dark as intergalactic space. The Sith were a clear...
  2. Cailst

    Ravi Rahman

    NAME: Ravi Rahman ALIAS: Numbers Guy, Chad from Accounting, Deadbeat Dad, Flyboy, Rules Lawyer, Bassanio #4, Obi-Jinn FACTION: Sacred Band of Ziost RANK:--- SPECIES: Human AGE: 28 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 174 cm WEIGHT: 63 kg FORCE SENSITIVE: Unknown Appearance: Pretty normal white human male...
  3. Cailst

    Dude, where'd the moon go?

    So here I was enjoying my Sunday evening, eating some bananas and purina and I looked outside. And there were a few stars and clouds, pretty normal. Maybe a few more people than usual. But there wasn't a moon!!! I checked the calendar and it said there was supposed to be a full moon. Did my...
  4. Cailst

    SWRP Dream

    Had a dream last night that I was at my undergrad, though it looked rather different. Anyways, I was wandering around seeing some of my friends again and pondering whether I should get on with my life and move further from my undergrad. Ended up going to some aquarium/terrarium and saw some...
  5. Cailst


    Sometime next weekend, I'm thinking of heading to Centralia, PA with family or friends. Anyone tips or ideas of what to see in the area?
  6. Cailst


    In a month or so, I'm thinking of going to Denver to look around for some internships or possibly jobs in the long term. Any good places to stay there or anything else interesting there that should be experienced?
  7. Cailst

    Forced Genetic Screening

    Every once in a while in gay marriage discussions, incest comes up as a comparison. The two are often compared as actions of two consenting adults. However, they do differ in that incest has the potential to create children. And in the instance of incest, the possibility of genetic disease is...
  8. Cailst

    Sex Strike

    In Togo, an opposition coalition named "Let's Save Togo" and led by Isabelle Ameganvi has called for Togo's women to engage in a sex strike to get president Faure Gnassingbe to resign. He's been in power since 2005 and his father had been ruling for 38 years previously. Their hope is that it...
  9. Cailst

    What should I do?

    Next year is my senior year of college and I'm pondering what to do afterwards. I should be graduating with a BS for Biology and Environmental Science. So, I've thought of a number of ideas but am looking for any guidance my fellow SWRPers might be able to offer. One thought is graduate...
  10. Cailst

    SWRP Revolution!

    Cailst was not going to take it anymore. The insult too great to bear as a common citizen of the SWRP. Or would subject have been a better word? The King, Bac XVI had ascended to the throne with a queen from one of the SWRP's worst enemies. Then plunged the SWRP into a long war supporting...
  11. Cailst

    Internet Debates vs Real Life Debates

    We've had quite a few debates through the SWRP and probably most of us have had discussions on other forums. And most likely, we've had debates in real life. Which do you prefer? Do you prefer the anonymity of the internet? Where you can make statements without having to worry about your...
  12. Cailst

    Ireland was pretty cool

    Over the past few weeks, I've been enjoying Ireland. Sang in Cork for the international choral festival, saw the cliffs of Morh from a boat, handled Harris Hawks, heard a pro-IRA person tell the story of Bloody Sunday and a little of the rest of the troubles, climbed around a bunch of cliffs...
  13. Cailst


    In a few days, I'm planning on going to Ireland with the choir for a tour. Any advice about being both there and Northern Ireland which we visit in the latter half of the trip?
  14. Cailst

    McGill Riots

    In the past 10 minutes, I was sitting around and then saw someone with a McGill sweatshirt on. We started talking and he mentioned he was an alum of my school but was now going to McGill for music. Then, I remembered hearing about tuition riots and he said they were kinda stupid because...
  15. Cailst

    Rev. Cailst

    I just became an ordained minister through Universal Life Church Monastery along with a couple other people in my fraternity. Also, I have a few bricks from another fraternity house that burned down a few weeks ago.
  16. Cailst

    Republican Iowa Caucus 2012

    It appears so far that Romney and Santorum are in a deadlock with Ron Paul not far behind. Newt Gingrich, Perry, and Bachman seem to be far behind. How do you think this will affect the New Hampshire primary a week away and further primaries? And do you think any of them can defeat Obama in...
  17. Cailst

    Big Open Thread

    I was just looking through the threads on the first page and I noticed none of them are open aside from two which still specify that characters be of a certain faction. Anyone want to do an open thread that could stay active over the next two weeks? In the past, things like bank robberies...
  18. Cailst

    Russian Protests

    Over the last few days, in the advent of the elections where United Russia, protesters have been rallying in Bolotnaya Square against the corruption they perceive in Russia. What do you think of them from what we know so far? Do you believe they'll be able to snowball into a revolution? Or...
  19. Cailst

    Studying Abroad

    Next Fall, I've been thinking of studying abroad, either in the University of Wollongong in Australia or the University of Otago in New Zealand. Is anyone familiar with those colleges or familiar with studying abroad in general? And any advice about it?
  20. Cailst

    Libyan Rebels Seemingly Close to Victory

    Now, most of the Libyan capital of Tripoli is under Libyan rebel control after forces from the Nafusa Mountains and Misrata have closed in on it while the forces inside the city rose up claiming most of it. Several of Gaddafi's sons have been captured while he is no where to be seen. Some...