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  1. ItsAtrap42

    Trap's Trap

    [This is a prototype construction page for Rance Caldwell's primary story arc] Sekteth - The Devourer {Species template} Thread Prefix: Sentient Name: LEVIATHAN Biology: Dark side magic monster Breeding: It does not breed. Strengths: interstellar travel, massive size, near-impenetrable...
  2. ItsAtrap42

    Interest Check Purgill? Anyone?

    Hi! So my character has an arc. He's an archaeologist. Gonna find a little creature on the side of the road. It is going to tell him about a giant dark side monster of long ago that burst from the planet and hunts purrgil. That the beast is an indefatigable and indestructible force of nature...
  3. ItsAtrap42

    Jedi Order Ransom Caldwell

    Ransom Caldwell Student of The Living and Cosmic Force Human Male, 33 5-8, 190lbs Untrained Force Sensitive, Dues paying member: Church of the Force Archaeologist, Teacher, Student, Abuser of Grant Money APPEARANCE: Ransom is a capable-looking man of modest stature. To another species, he...
  4. ItsAtrap42

    Cutting Teeth

    Hi all, My name is Evan and I'm obviously a fan and I'm excited to work with others on writing good stories. I have some RP experience--used to write on FB back in '05 on their old Groups pages, then played on this site for a bit. I messed up on a thread, got impatient -- youth will do that --...