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  1. Sir Dakar

    Alphabetical Star Wars Quite the undertaking with some interesting results. 1 lightsaber? Last word was Zone? 20 Alderaans?
  2. Sir Dakar

    Mark Hamill Vs. Mark Hamill I thought this was very well done.
  3. Sir Dakar

    It Begins. It's everything I imagined it to be.
  4. Sir Dakar

    Merry Birthday Ser Yorick!

  5. Sir Dakar

    Fan made documentary Its a fan made Star Wars documentary that is supposed to be really good. I'm probably going to start watching it in the next week or so. Figured you lot would like to see it too.
  6. Sir Dakar

    Portal 2 for PS3 and PC

    Turns out if you get the PS3 version of Portal 2, you get the PC version as well, free of charge. Along with that major announcement, Valve also announced that there will be cross-platform capability between the two, allowing players to play, voice chat, and everything you could imagine. This...
  7. Sir Dakar

    Dark Magic

    This must involve it.
  8. Sir Dakar

    Rumor: New trilogy

    Its really a crazy rumor, but who knows what will happen with Lucas boy.
  9. Sir Dakar

    Firefighters watch house burn.

    Apparently if you don't pay the $75 a year to the fire department, this is what happens to you. Thoughts?
  10. Sir Dakar

    3DS priced and release date announced!

    Nintendo finally released all this information to us at its press conference last night. The price of the new handheld will be 25,000 yen, or roughly 300 USD, with the release date in Japan being February 26th, with a western release sometime in March. A load of new features has been...
  11. Sir Dakar

    Deleted Star Wars scene [Never before seen]
  12. Sir Dakar

    What went wrong with Star Wars? I thought this was neat. Not sure what I think about the old ending, but he does bring up some interesting points.
  13. Sir Dakar

    Starcraft II

    Its upon us. How awesome is that? who has it/will be getting it? I'm installing now.
  14. Sir Dakar

    Who do you write like? Throw some posts into this and it will supposedly tell you who you write like. I threw in my last profile and I got Charles Dickens. Which is cool I guess.
  15. Sir Dakar

    Greatest XBL harassment ever.

    Warning: Contains naughty things. But I ****ing loled.
  16. Sir Dakar

    Traviss head writer for GOW 3 Hahaha oh lawd. There went all thoughts that the game was going to be good.
  17. Sir Dakar

    Star Wars Uncut

    So the premise is that a group of people split all of star wars into 15 second clips, and then gave each clip to a bunch of directors who could then refilm it in anyway, but try to keep the shots/actions the same. The result is something crazy and so strange that its kinda cool Heres 5 minutes...
  18. Sir Dakar

    A Galactic Empire State of Mind Awesomeness.
  19. Sir Dakar

    Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold

    Discuss the new Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold games here, as well as team builds and general pokemon things. Some resources if people want them, help me tons. Need to know anything about Pokemon? Go here. Best site...
  20. Sir Dakar

    Halo Reach Beta Date

    Halo Reach Beta Well, the day we all get to join in on the Halo Reach Beta has finally been announced: May 3rd, 2010. Also, video. or Commence Drooling. Ps...