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  1. Vahn Berand

    Ask Yavin IV A Life of Sacrifice, United Work.

    Yavin IV The leather wrapped hilt of Grandmaster Oota Boan sat on the surface of a knee high bare marbled stone table in the circular meditation chamber. Vahn remembered what it felt like to pick up that saber, to hold it in his hands. He’d felt anger. Resentment. Hatred. But also, for a few...
  2. Vahn Berand

    Ask Yavin IV A Lesson Worth Passing On

    Even after all this time, there were still places in the Jedi Temple at Yavin IV that looked like they were still ruined. There were underground storage areas, satellite complexes, and even old Rebel Alliance bunkers littering the landscape of the temple under Yavin Prime’s ever present watch...
  3. Vahn Berand

    Ask Inquisitive Hearts And A Cloistered Mind

    Vahn didn’t know exactly where he was in the Galaxy. He was a guest of the Rangers who had taken custody of the Sith Lords captured at Byblos, and they made sure that he would be incapable of leaking information as to… where-ever the red-haired Sith Lord was being kept. He’d been half-conscious...
  4. Vahn Berand

    Open Yavin IV Always Choose Life

    ((Open for anyone who is commonly on Yavin IV; just think about how you'd find out about Vahn's secret mission!)) Theme Vahn Berand was on a secret mission. He held a bundle cradled in his arms of the highest importance under his dark grey robes. Perhaps he could even be expelled from the Jedi...
  5. Vahn Berand

    Open The Survivors of Denon

    ((Open to Jedi characters and those who are affiliated with Jedi enough to be on Yavin. Thread takes place shortly after the invasion of Denon)) “You put in extra Glima root, right? Sliced finely so it’s easy to eat? And you kept it hot? They’ve been through a lot and need nutrients. You’re not...
  6. Vahn Berand

    Open A Confluence of both the Strange and Familiar

    The galaxy is a chaotic place. A whorl of emotion and memory, action and reaction, all mixed up and competing for a single gasp of relevance and always unable to breathe. However, there are some places where the rush of life slows to a crawl, where even the busiest mind can find some measure of...