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    Merry Birthday, Jiang Winters!

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    Basic Rocket Science OOC

    Basic Rocket Science Just in case we need to discuss anything in the future. Also, FYI, the thread is still open and will remain so unless the participants exceed five, then it will be changed to [ASK], just to keep things clean.
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    Why is everything [ASK] these days?

    So I came back after a few years to try and RP a little. What's with hardly anybody starting [OPEN] threads? I made one last night and it's already on the second page, 0 replies, with it being drowned in [ASK] threads. I made a new character too, and got nothing after a few days in terms of...
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    Basic Rocket Science

    He had heard of the place before, just never actually been there. It was the kind of place you only ever heard other people talk about, and even then only in hushed voices, like it was some big secret. It was said being invited was a kind of honour, but Jim wasn't so sure that was the case...
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    Jameson Edwards

    Jim; call me Jim. I don't remember my parents. Maybe they were neglectful, but then again maybe they were model parents who really cared for me. I wouldn't know. My childhood was robbed from me. I actually don't even know what planet I'm from. Mostly I just remember flashes; a woman's warm...
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    I'm back. Just kidding. Bye.
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    What is this? What happened to my 9 million posts!? And is it just me, or did the site design of this place turn to utter poop?
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    Merry Birthday Sir Dakar!

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    But She Caught Me On the Counter! (Wasn't Me!)

    I didn't make the "EddyNeris" account. Wasn't me!
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    Do Nikto Dream of Electric Sleep?

    So yeah, CWD is making a comeback. That's COSMOS Waste Disposal, for those unfamiliar. A garbage hauling company, that's really a front for something a little more nefarious. But don't tell anyone I told you! Grognak is the big boss man. The thread in the story board with the same name is an...
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    Do Nikto Dream of Electric Sleep?

    It had been a long time since anyone had so foolishly disrespected the Barbarian. Dozens had done so in the past, but none recently. Word of mouth was a powerful thing, a deterrent, some would say, to keep imbeciles from being... Well, imbeciles. But this one, oh he had the gall most did not...
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    Grognak the Barbarian

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    Merry Birthday, Nexus!

    Title says it all.
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    Villains of Nolan's Batman 3 Tom Hardy is Bane. Anne Hathaway is Selina Kyle.
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    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

    Best God of War game ever.
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    EVE: Six Year's Worth of Game Time Destroyed by Pirates Funniest part is one of the comments on the article.
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    God of War: The Indie Movie

    You guys have to have seen this by now.
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    Game Testing

    It has begun.
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    Codename: PUSH HISTORY: I'll be honest, 'never been too good with words, so I'll try to keep this short. I used to be a Jedi, back when I thought the galaxy was all sugar and rainbows, back when I thought we could still fix the problem. 'Turns out, we were the problem. Sentient life. We...
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    All Your Base ... (OPEN)

    OOC: If you're going to join this thread, then get your reasons ready, as admittance will be denied (and posts deleted) if they aren't up to par. That means no random people in here for shits and giggles. --------- [Location: Nar Shaddaa] Recently promoted to the Jedi Council, Dashiell...