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    What's good, most don't know me but that's okay. I dropped off for a while which is a loss for me, since I was motivated for this to begin with but between some serious work stints and other irrelevant things I lost touch. I'm hoping to return to this and if not to be a fully fledged roleplayer...
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    Non-Sentient Mimbanese Mud Flea

    MIMBANESE MUD FLEA Mimbanese Mud Fleas are wingless insectoids, typically about a foot (1ft / 12in) in length and a height of 5 to 6 inches as an adult, that are highly agile, dark in colour with sharp teeth and a retracted proboscis adapted to assist in feeding by piercing the skin and sucking...
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    Uwaz Tazu's Reputation Tracker

    Character Profile Link: Uwaz Tazu Character Subaccount Link: @Uwaz Tazu Deeds Name of Deed, link, description of what happened here Name of Deed, link, description of what happened here Name of Deed, link, description of what happened here
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    Armor Underworld Police Armour

    UNDERWORLD POLICE ARMOUR Surviving the depths of Coruscant's underworld mega-structure is a challenge not to be taken lightly and the Coruscant Security Forces take the survival of their underworld officers seriously. A sturdy mixture of durasteel, synthmesh, leather and plastoid come together...
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    Independent Uwaz Tazu

    "Kriff Tha Police" - "Bombad Boys" NAME ► Uwaz Tazu AGE ► 26 SPECIES ► Human HEIGHT ► 5'11" WEIGHT ► 160lbs EYE COLOR ► Brown HAIR COLOR ► Died (Black) HOMEWORLD ► Nar Kanji GENDER ► Male FACTION ► Independent RANK ► "Some Rookie" FORCE ► No [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] Title ―...
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    Content animals and shit
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    Armor Skudru Vizsla's Beskar'gam

    ARMOR NAME Orar-Skudru Vizsla's personal Beskar'gam (@Skudru Vizsla). Built over time by him with the help of relatives whilst living a more nomadic life as a protector on Concord Dawn. A shriek-bat skull is proudly adorned on a pauldron. Despite heavy clan ties it's colour is always subject...
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    Weapon Glie-44 Blaster Pistol

    GLIE-44 BLASTER PISTOL AFFILIATION Open Market MANUFACTURER Eirriss Ryloth Defense Tech SIZE Length - 0.32 metres WEIGHT 1.43 kg COMPOSITION Durasteel WEAPON TYPE Blaster DAMAGE TYPE Medium AMMUNITION CAPACITY 50 shots per power pack FIRE SELECTOR Semi Automatic MAX RANGE 50 metres...
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    Skudru Vizsla's Reputation Tracker

    Character Profile Link: Skudru Vizsla Character Subaccount Link: @Skudru Vizsla Deeds Name of Deed, link, description of what happened here Name of Deed, link, description of what happened here Name of Deed, link, description of what happened here
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    Independent Orar-Skudru Vizsla

    Skud Vizsla 'Mythosaur Ascending' Medicineman xxxSerious, selfless and humble. These would be the words to describe him at a glance, a simple once over, however, attentiveness is far more revealing than a mere glance. Away from a fight, away from jobs and spars, you'd find him to be the firm...
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    Place ARMOR NAME DESCRIBE YOUR ARMOR. Here is where you write out the text description of your armor. Who makes it? What was it designed for? What groups or species use it? What materials is it made out of? How expensive is it? Is it good stuff? Is it mass produced junk? Give us a feel for...
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    A theme for thought BIOGRAPHY NAME: T'Kanten Jodm-Phisk AGE: 64 Standard Years SPECIES: Human FACTION: Galactic Alliance RANK: Rebel HEIGHT: 6'1" WEIGHT: 145lbs HAIR COLOR: Grey/White EYE COLOR: Blue STRENGTH: ██████████ DEXTERITY: ██████████ STAMINA: ██████████ INTELLIGENCE: ██████████...