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  1. Tsunami


    Kal AFFILIATION Mandalorian MANUFACTURER Mandalorian Metalsmiths SIZE 43cm WEIGHT 1kg COMPOSITION Beskar, Cortosis Weave Finish WEAPON TYPE Melee DAMAGE TYPE Melee AMMUNITION CAPACITY N/A FIRE SELECTOR N/A MAX RANGE N/A DESCRIPTION Well balanced and well crafted, this blade is built...
  2. Tsunami

    Warrior Pilgrim Armour

    Warrior Pilgrim Mobile. Agile. Hostile. This armour is a far cry from the usual Mandalorian gear profile and with good reason. It is light weight and therefore not perfectly designed for colder environments yet its adaptability, light weight and compatibility mean that all that can change at the...
  3. Tsunami

    Anti-Flash Goggles

    Anti-Flash Goggles DDesigned to be lightweight and to fit anyone who may have use of them the anti-flash goggles not only give you an edgy look, but also keep the sun, liquids and the dust out of the users eyes. LEGALITY A There is no reason for these to be made illegal, these are readily...
  4. Tsunami


    Bevii'ragir AFFILIATION Mandalorian MANUFACTURER Mandalorian Metalsmiths SIZE 188cm Full ; 35cm Blade WEIGHT 4kg COMPOSITION Beskar with Cortosis Weave Finish WEAPON TYPE Melee DAMAGE TYPE Melee AMMUNITION CAPACITY N/A FIRE SELECTOR N/A MAX RANGE 25m DESCRIPTION The Bevii'ragir is a...
  5. Tsunami

    Function ; Shoulder Cannon

    Function: Shoulder Cannon The Shoulder Cannon is not a stand alone function and requires integration with the Scout HUD Function readily available on the market due to it's reliance on this system to aid with its target acquisition. The Cannon fires a powerful plasma based projectile...
  6. Tsunami

    Hunting the Cultists.

    Target: Serana Requirement: Dead. Reward: 2 x Pieces of Adv. Tech. Associate/Possible Follow On Hunt: Azgarn Requirement: Dead. Reward: 2 x Pieces of Adv. Tech. So this is just an interest check as if you guys would be down to hunt this woman. I can see she has a direct associate, who we...
  7. Tsunami

    Mandalorian Looking to Establish Connections

    Hey all, So I am on the look out for players who may be able to assist me with the acquisition of some firepower. I'm not overly arsed how I will do this, however I am happy to do it at some risk to my own character. Team up for bounties? Maybe we can hunt a couple of people because you are...
  8. Tsunami

    Berserker Armour

    Berserker Beskar'gam The armour is a modified, recoloured and gorgeous recreation of the standard Mandalorian Medium Beskar'gam. Red markings and accents upon a background of silver and gold represent the colours worn by members of Berserker Squadron. The shoulders are noticeably more round...
  9. Tsunami

    Viladous Ordo

    Viladous Ordo The Last Berserker Mandalorian • Marauder • Level One • Non-Force Sensitive Mandalore • Human • Male • 26 Five Feet Eleven Inches • One Hundred and Seventy Five Pounds • Athletically Built • Strong Willed "I don't know how I'm going to win. I just know I'm not going to...
  10. Tsunami

    Getting Warmed Up.

    Hey guy's I am looking for some people to collaborate with in my characters first couple of threads, I would ideally like them to be open threads that allow people to move freely through them. A bit of background on my character is that he is an Exile whom since being outcast had discovered an...
  11. Tsunami

    Dav'id Mori "The Exile"

    Dav'id Mori The Exiled Exiled • Unranked • Level One • Force Sensitive Unknown • Miraluka • Male • 27 Purple Flowing Robes • Yellow Saber Staff (Well Concealed) • Lightweight Undergarments • Very Lightly Armoured Masked • One Hundred and Seventy Five Pounds • Five Feet, Ten Inches •...
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    Tsunami's Tumbler

    This is My Mandalorian Workshop. Pewp.
  13. Tsunami

    Hello again!

    Hey all, So it's good to be back and I there are some of you out there that will remember me under the name of Tsunami which I otherwise lost due to the changing of my Email for Work Security Reasons. I have finally had a "Lull" in work which see's me able to take a bit of R&R and do the...