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  1. Thump

    Pictures of your ride

    Cars trucks bikes whatever. I'd like to see em. 99 Heritage I finished last summer New project for the winter, 72 shovelhead I'm bobbing out.
  2. Thump


    DOTR timeline NAME: Elim FACTION: N/A RANK: N/A SPECIES: Human AGE: 29 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 6'10" WEIGHT: 280 pounds EYES: Brown HAIR: Black SKIN: Tanned CREDITS: None DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Various scars over the entirety of his body ranging from cuts and burns to animal bites. Thick but closely...
  3. Thump

    older padawan?

    So I'm new here and am working up a bio. But there's so much info and backstory here I figured I'd ask. Are there any masters here that would like to take on an older untrained force sensitive human? I figure he is going to be in his twenties and may have been held as a slave someplace. Still...
  4. Thump


    Ok. So I think I have all the functio a figured out now. Never had this many issues with a forum on my tablet before. Anyway. Hello. Nice to meet ya.