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    Happy Birthday Rev!

    Happy Birthday, mate. Have a great one.
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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RP - Operation Lightning Strike (SAS)

    Rain poured down in a heavy deluge upon Kosovar. The noise masked the chopping sound of the helicopter's blades. Outside, lights glimmered in the distance, as the people of Leposavic unwittingly went about their lives, unaware of the Special Air Service in the air above. Captain "Storm" Watts...
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    *Sigh* We were talking about why there's anti-Americanism? Because 1500 ****ing Americans complained about something that's essentially no different from two straight people kissing. If he'd have kissed a woman, would those 1500 people have cared?
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    How kind Somalia can be! "Islamists in southern Somalia have stoned a man to death for adultery but spared his pregnant girlfriend until she gives birth."
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    A Meeting on Anchorhead OOC

    Kath, why would you roll out of the way of something that, as far as your char knows, is merely something that my char is choosing to show to you? It makes no IC sense.
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    Frankie Boyle live

    So I'm going to see Frankie Boyle live pretty soon. Can't wait, the guy's ****ing hilarious. Anyone else a fan?
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    Vazo Ausec-Kisir

    Vazo Ausec-Kisir "If you're hungry, you have no time to talk at the table." Zialan proverb. We are strong. My brothers and I are the strongest of the strong, the best of the best, and those who cannot compete with us are crushed beneath our boot. Thus is the way of the...
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    The Heist (Invite)

    Abregado-san was a desert world. Lucius Stark didn't like desert worlds. He didn't like the uncomfortable heat, he didn't like the lidless gaze of the sun, and he didn't like the way that the sand got into all the different corners and crevices of his suit. With a frown of annoyance, he...
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    Obama ends don't ask don't tell That man truly is brilliant. Hopefully he'll make advances and improve gay rights further, and tells the people who want to keep America from advancing by being against gay rights to go to hell. This, once again, proves that Obama is the...
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    Growing Pains (ASK)

    The crimson blade swung down through the air, the emerald green one rising to meet it. A flash of light, a crash of sparks. The blade was struck back, and with a mighty roar T'Truht bulled forwards, swinging in a wide arc, his hat flying off his head as he did so. His adversary laughed...
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    Roma Invicta RP: Consultation (Huns and Eastern Romans)

    The forest was foggy, the air cold and sharp. The dark furs clad the figure, seated upon his horse as he was, as he looked from one side to the other. His shortly cropped hair was pressed against the side of his head, wet from some unknown cause. His horse pawed the ground beneath him. The man...
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    Who Googles what SIN showed me that, and it really did make me laugh.
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    Why Canada is top of the world

    With all this news that's going on recently, I've come to a conclusion. Canada is the best country in the world. Canada. It's a beautiful country, yes, and that's all well and good, but plenty of the world is beautiful. That's not why it's so damn awesome. Let's look at the other main first...
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    Happy Birthday Kupo!

    Happy Birthday mate. Have a good one.
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    Happy Birthday Dark Cloud!

    Happy 18th! Have a good one!
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    A new approach to sport And that, gents, is how to win at cricket.
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    Roma Invicta: Troubled Times

    ((Courtesy of the name goes to SIN, for his proposed similar RP a while back.)) ROMA INVICTA Troubled Times It is the year 440. The Roman Empire is divided, the Eastern Roman Empire ruling under Emperor Theodosius from Constantinople, and the Roman Empire from Roma under Emperor Valentinian...
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    Coruscant nights (Ask)

    The night was dark. Street lights shone on the various roads and pathways available to the public of Coruscant, the moon above casting it's pale glow on the city below. If this were any other city, the people would be asleep, mulling over the day's work. This, however, was Coruscant; the city...
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    Never mess with the old ones Because they will kick your ass. This is funny shit.
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    MAIN THREAD: And so it begins... ((See first post to join))

    ((OOC: This thread is loosely ask. If you're part of the Republic/Hutts, then the chances are it'll be a yes. This is just so we don't have every last Hutt char/Republic char at once.)) There was a flash of light, and the heavens seemed to rupture in a burst of incandescence that lit up the...