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  1. Zohrael

    Rank-Change Thread

    Character Name and Subaccount Link: @Yulie Character Profile Link: Yulie Character Age: 15 Current Rank: Unranked, Independent Rank Seeking: Padawan, Jedi Notable Deeds: After Yulie’s Force-sensitivity was discovered by Jedi Master Izel, she was given proper guidance under a watchful eye...
  2. Zohrael

    Everybody is good

    I’m also playing a character who started without any Force training, and it’s been a great experience. the only advice I can think of is to reflect on the deeply personal relationship that both aspects of the Force has with your character, and use that as a basis when deciding which areas of...
  3. Zohrael

    Independent Yulie

    NAME: Yulie FACTION: Does not yet belong to any faction RANK: N/A SPECIES: Dathomirian AGE: 15 GENDER: Female HEIGHT: 5’3” WEIGHT: 118 lbs FORCE SENSITIVE: Force Sensitive, but self-taught without any guidance or awareness of the risks. APPEARANCE: Eyes – Unremarkably humanoid, with...