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  1. Aziraphale

    Mission Pack Fishing for Trouble

    Character Name + Link: Cadie Royne Mission Desired: Big Headed Customs Agents Role: Smuggler
  2. Aziraphale

    [Interest Check] Rebuilding the Pyke Syndicate

    Hello! If you're still looking for new blood, I'd like to get my smuggler involved in some shady crimes.
  3. Aziraphale

    Five Syndicates Cadie Royne

    Cadie Royne AGE ► 22 SPECIES ► Human HEIGHT ► 1.55m WEIGHT ► 120lbs EYE COLOR ► Brown HAIR COLOR ► Dirty Blonde HOMEWORLD ► Coruscant GENDER ► Female FACTION ► 5 Syndicates RANK ► Scoundrel FORCE SENSITIVITY ► Yes BIOGRAPHY"I'm always ready to disappoint." Cadie was born on Coruscant to a...
  4. Aziraphale


    Hi! I'm on a sci-fi kick atm due to the Book of Boba Fett, and The Expanse finishing up, so I'm hoping to write some fun SW things! I've done some discord RP in the past and I wrote on a different SW board ~4 years ago so I'm a bit rusty with forum style. Been lurking around and getting a...