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    Sith Empire Aria Rosalie

    NAME: Aria Rosalie FACTION: Sith Empire RANK: Sith Acolyte SPECIES: Selonian AGE: Late 20’s GENDER: Female HEIGHT: 5 ‘9 WEIGHT: ~130 lbs FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes APPEARANCE: Aria is a Selonian, like Karath, with clawed, webbed hands and feet and a long slender body...
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    Sector Ranger Karath

    NAME: Karath FACTION: ISC RANK: Ranger SPECIES: Selonian AGE: 31 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 5 ‘10 WEIGHT: ~155 lbs FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, likely only mildly APPEARANCE: Karath is a brown-furred Selonian with dark eyes and a few scars, blaster grazes and the like. His body is lithe and wiry, and his...