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    The Search for Destiny

    Cole "Dash" Dasha stepped off the ramp of his ship, The Smoking Blaster, and surveyed the hangar bay he had landed in. Looking out the hangar doors he saw the gas giant Bespin floating there. A small smile spread across his face as he began walking towards the exit of the hangar. He strode into...
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    Cole "Dash" Dasha

    Cole "Dash" Dasha NAME: Cole Dasha FACTION: applying for Jedi RANK: N/A SPECIES: Human (Corellian) AGE: 27 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 5 foot 11 inches WEIGHT: 165 EYES: Brown HAIR: Black SKIN: Caucasian CREDITS: 1,000 DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Tattoo around his left eye FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGTH...
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    Ser'eph Cadera

    Ser’eph Cadera Name Ser’eph Cadera Faction The Mandalorian Confederacy RANK: Verde Race Human Age 43 Gender Male Height 6 foot Weight 192 pounds Eyes Light blue Hair Black (slowly going grey at the temples) and a neatly trimmed close cropped beard SKIN: slightly tanned CREDITS: 1,000...
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    So, I know it's been about 2 years since I've been on here. It looks fantastic though, the new design and everything is amazing. Sorry I disappeared, I got married and had a kid so I've been busy. But I'm back, hopefully for a while. Is there anyone here from the old days still?
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    Putting together a team

    So we need to field a four man team for the Tattooine Desert Race. We have one person already, my character Ser'eph Orade, who, if no one objects, will be team captain. Given one person we really need three more. This would be a great thing to get the Mando faction up a moving even though it has...
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    Ser'eph Orade

    NAME: Ser'eph Orade FACTION: RANK: SPECIES: Human AGE: 24 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 6 feet WEIGHT: 170 EYES: Bright blue right eye, missing left eye HAIR: None SKIN: Scars and burns cover his skin CREDITS: 1,000 DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Burns and skins cover his body and he is missing his left...
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    My Realization

    So I'm visiting a friend of mine at the college he goes to and realized something. I'm a boring and miserable person. I have two close of whom I am visiting right now....and the other is moving in two weeks. However, even though they are my closest friends they still know next...
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    Warhammer 40k

    I wanted to showcase some of my warhammer 40k figures I've painted. I'll start with just this guy right here. Now I know that there are some things wrong with this guy. And I'm fixing alot of them as soon as I can. But I recently acquired a box of Khorne Berzerkers and those are taking my...
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    Forget the Past

    Calgar Talon was sleeping in his simple initiates bunk on board the Light of the Force. It was a simple and small room, no more then six feet wide and six feet long it was taken up by a desk and a bed, no more was needed by an initiate, and Calgar wanted no more then that in any regard. Tonight...
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    [Master Request] Calgar Talon

    Your character's name: Calgar Talon Link to character's profile: Your character's rank: Initiate What you're seeking to learn: Lightsaber combat, and usage of the force to better empathize with and assist those in need. Your...
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    Calgar Talon

    NAME: Calgar Talon FACTION: Jedi RANK: SPECIES: Human AGE: 20 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 6 feet tall WEIGHT: 190 EYES: Blue HAIR: Short blonde hair SKIN: Fair CREDITS: 1000 DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Tribal tattoos along the right side of his body. FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGTH: 8/10 DEXTERITY...
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    Oh yeah

    Probably should have made this sooner...I'm uhhh....back...ish....and I'm gonna try to stay around this time...hopefully.
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    Varnius Talon

    NAME: Varnius Talon FACTION: RANK: SPECIES: Human AGE: 20 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: 6 feet tall WEIGHT: 170 EYES: Blue HAIR: Long dusky blonde with a matching beard SKIN: Pale CREDITS: 1000 DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Tribal tattoos covering the left side of his body FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes STRENGTH: 5/10...
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    God Bless America

    C8ECeEjF-7k Discuss :CRawr
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    Back and better then ever

    Back with a brand new character. :bitchez :bitchez
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    Cyrus Curoth

    You want to know about me? The name’s Cyrus Curoth. I was born to a pleasant little family on a pleasant little planet in this not so pleasant and not so little galaxy. I’ll admit I made trouble as a kid. I was a boy with too much testosterone and not enough things to do. I played war with my...
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    A new life

    A new backwater planet, a new rebel uprising, not really a new story to be honest. One again Jakrev found himself bunkered down behind a smoking tree stump. He rolled his vibrant green and gold eyes at the thought of how he had come to be in this kind of situation again. A blaster bolt burned...
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    Jakrev Sorin Kynev Sjet

    ---------Search Database----- -------Enter username------ ------Blackoveride5630210 ----- -------------------- ----------username accepted----- -------enter password ---------**************************************** --------- -----------------------...
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    I'm back!

    Guess who's back? Due to some stuff going on with my life, which some of you know about, I've been gone for a long time. Well I want to come back......Most of my problems have been sorted out or are being varying degrees of I just wanted to know, where is the...
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    Good Ride nce tu you

    I ahte thos place adn I ahte all of you gyus.........I;'m elaviknga adbn dnot tyr abd maje ne stya............. oh adn ps pahyp prial olfos yda