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  1. Lavi

    Weapon Altina Tiramara's Lightsaber Pike

    ALTINA TIRAMARA'S LIGHTSABER PIKE AFFILIATION Jedi Order MANUFACTURER Custom-built SIZE 45 cm maximum 35 cm retracted WEIGHT 2.5 kg COMPOSITION Durasteel and chromium WEAPON TYPE Melee DAMAGE TYPE Melee/Energy AMMUNITION CAPACITY N/A FIRE SELECTOR N/A MAX RANGE 1 meter (blade length)...
  2. Lavi

    Altina Tiramara's Reputation

    Character Profile Link: <link> Character Subaccount Link: @Altina Tiramara
  3. Lavi

    Rejected The Ultimate Weapon

    What is going to happen in your plot? Thread 1: Not All that Glitters is Gold (ASK, Self-DM) BD-9 meets @Rizkacha on Geonosis while dodging droid hunters and the two uncover the Ultimate Weapon: the Geonosian prototype Death Star design. Thread 2: Is that Legal? (ASK, Self-DM) On Corellia, BD-9...
  4. Lavi

    Jedi Order Altina Tiramara

    Altina Tiramara Biography AGE: 15 SPECIES: Human FACTION: Jedi Order RANK: Padawan Learner HEIGHT: 5ft. 6in. WEIGHT: 121lbs. FORCE SENSITIVITY: Positive Ever since she was able to remember, Altina has heard voices. Of course, her parents presumed that Altina had a mental disorder and went...
  5. Lavi

    Conduit in the Force

    CONDUIT IN THE FORCE Site Lore It is rare for one to be so closely attuned to the Force that it becomes difficult to separate the Force and reality. The time that it manifests is difficult to pinpoint, but the connection of young Conduits are generally believed to grow with their connection...
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    BD-9's Reputation

    Character Profile Link: <link> Character Subaccount Link: @BD 9
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    Restricted Droid BD Unit

    BD UNIT Affiliation: None Manufacturer: Unknown (defunct) Class: Scout droid Locomotion: Legged, bipedal Power Supply: Rechargeable power cell, 72-hour duration Sensors: 1x photoreceptor 1x infrared receptor 1x thermal sensor 1x audio sensor Size: Height - 0.5 meters (0.6 meters when...
  8. Lavi

    Lavi's Workshop

    BD UNIT Affiliation: Various Manufacturer: Unknown (defunct) Class: Scout droid Locomotion: Legged, bipedal Power Supply: Rechargeable power cell, 72-hour duration Sensors: 1x photoreceptor 1x infrared receptor 1x thermal sensor 1x audio sensor Size: Height - 0.5 meters (0.6 meters when...
  9. Lavi

    Independent BD-9

    BD-9 AGE ► Approx. 155 years old MODEL ► BD series unit HEIGHT ► Short WEIGHT ► Relatively light? GENDER ► Masculine programming BIOGRAPHYLike other BD units, BD-9 was intended to be used for research and exploration for both mechanical assistance and companionship. The BD droid line was...
  10. Lavi

    SKR Sporting Revolver

    SKR SPORTING REVOLVER AFFILIATION Open Market MANUFACTURER Corellian Arms SIZE 0.2 m WEIGHT 1.5 kg COMPOSITION Durasteel WEAPON TYPE Slugthrower-blaster pistol hybrid DAMAGE TYPE Light-Medium AMMUNITION CAPACITY 6 (12 with blaster configuration) FIRE SELECTOR Semi Automatic (double...
  11. Lavi

    Taz Rotta

    TAZ ROTTA AGE ► 33 SPECIES ► Clawdite HEIGHT ► 1.82m WEIGHT ► 70 kg EYE COLOR ► Unknown HAIR COLOR ► Unknown HOMEWORLD ► Zolan GENDER ► Male FACTION ► Hutt Cartel RANK ► Basadi FORCE SENSITIVITY ► N/A ► BIOGRAPHYTaz grew up in admiration of his father. It was not because his father...
  12. Lavi

    Shimwo Luyanh

    SHIMWO LUYANH • Human • Male • 50 years old (b. 6953 BBY) • Mild Force Sensitivity • Church of the Force • Jedha • Level 1 • BIOGRAPHY Shimwo was born, and grew up on, the moon of Jedha in the Mid Rim. Like many who lived in the Holy City, he was enamored by the concept of the Force at a young...
  13. Lavi

    [Within Reason] The Collaborateur

    The gentle hum of the hover-van was all that could be heard as Marcella and her troop sat inside. There were three of these vans in total, each numbering a squad of six armed troopers. The quiet atmosphere no longer made Marcella nervous; this is the fifth sting operation that she is taking part...
  14. Lavi

    Imperial Consolidation Authority

    Imperial Consolidation Authority Site Lore This article is designed to present an option for Republic characters who are looking at joining the Empire due to personal motivations. The Imperial Consolidation Authority is not designed to replace any existing military body within the Sith Empire...
  15. Lavi

    Their Bygone Madness

    "Come over here, I want to show you something." "What is it, Dad?" It's a bit of a surprise. Close your eyes for a moment." Marcella opened her eyes as the nearby computer screen flickered. She dragged herself out of her cot to the monitor. Her search terms picked up numerous results while she...
  16. Lavi

    Marcella Zerek - "Achlys"

    MARCELLA ZEREK NAME MARCELLA ZEREK AGE 25 HOMEWORLD NONE (SPACE-BORN; LEGALLY CORUSCANT) FACTION SITH EMPIRE - PRIVATE Biography Marcella's parents were pirates who raised her in the trade. They taught her the basics of survival before being arrested by authorities, leaving Marcella...
  17. Lavi

    The World According to Star Wars

    This is an interview conducted by the American Enterprise Institute, a non-partisian public policy think tank, with Cass Sunstein about his book, "The World According to Star Wars." I find it to be criminally unnoticed compared to their more standard political discussions. There are a lot of...
  18. Lavi

    Star Wars Rebels S3: Legends Teased on Twitter

    A bit of old news (from the end of May), but I thought it was most relevant towards Rebels and I'm surprised no one has talked about it (if my Search bar did not fail me). First, take a look at this post on Twitter by Dave Filoni, the Executive Producer of Star Wars Rebels...
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    Ilyan Renais

  20. Lavi

    Lavi's resignation

    This was something that I had considered doing for at least two years and has nothing to do with Jiang's resignation. My activity on SWRP had been gradually dropping over the years (thank you, college), from daily activity to once every few days. From a professional perspective, that is...