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    Independent Alfie Barrichello

    Alfie It Is Brewing His father was a humble freighter—a man grateful for another day to toil upon a journey and traverse the stars. Alfie was reared in the streets of Corellia, head held high to the celestials and eyes wide to the infinite abyss above him. He waited day after day for his...
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    defiance's brainspace

    ✫ THE TEMPEST TOILS ⎯⎯⎯and on it toils.
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    defiance's automatism

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    A Killer's Oeuvre

    A KILLER'S OEUVRE METELLOS / STRATABLOCK 7 / MORIDEBO DISTRICT # # The streets of Statablock 7 were filled, but hardly alive. The rain had ceased, leaving dirtied puddles filled with ashen cigarette butts and accumulated filth. A man hurriedly trampled them, his chest heaving in and...
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    Triggerman 'The Beginning' Esseles Post FOUR DEAD AT ESSELES HALL An explosion took place at 8 am Thursday morning in front of Esseles Hall, resulting in sixteen dead and two injured. The real cause remains to be unknown, however, authorities affirm that it was the result of a gas-leak...
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    Something Grand--interested?

    Four people have disappeared. Assets in disarray. Subordinates confused. Their assorted budding organizations nipped in their buds. In their place, a new presence has arrived: a brooding, elusive ghost with nothing but rumors about him. Some say that the perpetrator is insane, a dangerous...
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    PANACEA "Higher powers call, my friend." "'s time." The swift chatter of the train tracks lured Malcolm to siesta. His eyes fluttered, feeling the vibrations crawling up the window next to him and soothing him. They drew to close, framing the moving image of the countryside as a...
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    File BI346: Jericho

    File BI346: "Cerebral Processing Unit" TOP SECRET Affiliation None (Babel Industries (BAB)) Type Computer-brain cybernetics Intent PERSONAL USE (Plot material.) Power Supply NOT APPLICABLE Modularity Little to none Sensors Can detect common electromagnetic signals...
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    JERICHO A Gift and A Curse Name: Jericho Gault Age: Thirties Occupation: Science Officer aboard the Idleman Homeworld: Avelon Species: Human > Zoryan Force Sensitivity: Nonexistent Height: Five'ten Personality, and Mental Augmentation: Perhaps one of the truest members of the Idleman...
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    "We found him, sir. The old Grandmaster." "Lecchamemnon." H I B E R N A C U L U M "Where is he?" "He's masquerading as the religiou—" "Where is he?" "N-Necropolis." Dry lips mashed against each other from underneath tattered cloth, flowing behind the man's steady...
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    Going on a five-day trip. Later! In two weeks, it's also finals, so I'll be busy around then, too.
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    OOC Attack on Anoth: The Temple Landing Platforms Discussion

    This thread is designated for discussion out-of-character for the main thread, Attack on Anoth: The Temple Landing Platforms, chronicling the battle between Sith Lord, Avlis Dioddai (as written by me), and Jedi Knight, Orlaan Ghess (as written by Ben). The primary reason I bring this OOC...
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    AENEAS "Spoke and rose to full height, sword in air, Then cleft the man's brow square between the temples Cutting his head in two -- a dreadful gash Between the cheeks all beardless. Earth resounded Quivering at the great shock of his weight As he went tumbling down in all his armor...
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    Defiance's Break

    Figured I might be a little official for the record. I'm gonna take a small break from writing for a while. At least with other people. In the meantime, I'll be floating around. Maybe I'll do some solo stuff, like creating random character profiles with very long stories that I'll probably...
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    Unrest in Ukraine So. Lots of violence. Check it out:
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    run. Jedi Sith Hutt Rebel Indie open A light asynchronous patter of paws frequented the background, followed by faint barks of some local strays. Hushed conversation filled the flushed capital of Rishi, a scum-filled smuggler's haven turned into a community, the blushed rays kissing the adobe...
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    Intro to Jedi

    So I've got a pretty sweet lost Jedi, Axton, that I would like to be found by another Jedi. Pretty much your typical lost Jedi reunion.
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    Tentative remake of this character. A X T O N Lost Jedi A warrior lives, and a man dies. Life continues on, that relentless fiend. Without mercy it pushes onward, a wayward threat to the galaxy's conscience. All things of lament: war, pain, sorrow. They know no bounds. No...
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    Cloak and Dagger OOC

    Hey. So I started a little thread here, Cloak and Dagger. I'm looking for people that would naturally be in this sort of environment: Nar Shaddaa, crime, any Indies, weaker Force Sensitives, etc. And really, don't be intimidated. I want a good time, and I'm sure you guys do too. This'll...
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    Cloak and Dagger

    A crumpled word lay etched across the quivering life among Nar Shaddaa, a red sign smeared across the backs of every low-life and street savages, a symbol that must be borne by them always. Constantly, they itch and fiddle with it, attempting to mask it or pass it on to others like dirty men...