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    Approved Last Breth

    What is going to happen in your plot? Erwin and Atris join together in pursuit of Vuun Breth and Cor Lukbo, two small-time gangsters who head a small gang calling themselves "The Crimson Krayt" They are wanted by the Sector Rangers for raiding in Free World's space. Vuun Breth AGE ► 33...
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    Erwin Forge

    Character Profile Link: Character Subaccount Link: Deeds Name of Deed, link, description of what happened here
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    Independent Erwin Forge

    Biographical information Homeworld Nal Hutta Physical description Species Force Sensitive Gender Age Height Mass Hair color Eye color Skin color Human No Male 20 5'10" 179 lbs Brown Dark Blue Pale Chronological and political information Affiliation(s) · N/A Theme ____ . Erwin Forge Erwin...
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    Hello All

    Hello everybody, newbie here, I've been lurking for a bit and have decided to sign up and roleplay with you guys.