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  1. Arclight

    Independent Xakaia

    NAME: Xakaia FACTION: Independent RANK: Jedi Hopeful SPECIES: Ubese AGES: 16 GENDER: Female HEIGHT: (5' 4") WEIGHT: (130 lbs.) FORCE SENSITIVE: yes PERSONALITY: Xakaia is not much of a talker with her own people. Even more loathsome to her is the idea of talking to non-Ubese. A spiteful...
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    Armor Xakaia's Nomad Armor

    Xakaia's Ubese Nomad Armor The personal armor of the Ubese nomad Xakaia. This armor serves as Xakaia's primary clothing, as well as her face to the world. Xakaia wears an Ubese helmet, equipped with a rebreather, scout HUD, and vision modes. This helmet also contains special filters used to...
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    Jaxten Rau's Reputation Tracker

    Character Profile Link: Character Subaccount Link:
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    Armor Jaxten Rau's Armor

    Jaxten Rau's Armor The personal armor of Jaxten Rau. Worn by Jaxten Rau during his adolescence years on Concord Dawn as a survivalist moisture farmer, this armor is a simple affair. Jaxten Rau's armor consisted of a full durasteel helmet with a rimmed cap, and a simple blast vest, over which he...
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    Independent Jaxten Rau

    NAME: Jaxten Rau FACTION: Independent RANK: None SPECIES: Human AGES: 15 GENDER: Male HEIGHT: (5' 7") 1.75 Meters WEIGHT: (135 lbs.) 61.25 kilograms FORCE SENSITIVE: No PERSONALITY: Jaxten Rau is a young adolescent from the backwater world of Concord Dawn. He is a headstrong and confident...
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    Armor Myr's helmet of Ren

    Myr's helmet of Ren A creepy horned helmet which Myr Khandros wears alongside dark robes whenever he is acting as a knight of Ren. The mask itself is a simple helmet that only has installed a voice scrambler to protect his identity LEGALITY Illegal, very illegal ADVANCED TECH No Type and...
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    Mission Pack Knight's of Ren -- Ukio on Fire

    Ukio on Fire The newly organized Knights of Ren seek to bring attention to their organization to announce the return of the Knights of Ren's return to the Galactic scene. What better way to get to people's mind's than through their stomachs. Target One: Food Processing and Storage Center...
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    Rejected A New Ren-dition -- Ukio on Fire

    What is going to happen in your plot? Myr Khandros gathers other like minded members of the Sith Eternal to take on the guise of Knights of Ren in order to sow chaos and carry out the more overt goals of the cult without exposing the Sith Eternal. The newly organized Knights of Ren seek to bring...
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    Interest Check The Knights of Ren

    The Knights of Ren The Sith Eternal Legionnaire Myr Khandros craves conflict that the current discretion of the cult doesn't allow for. Unfazed, the Devaronian cultist seeks to rebuild the fabled and mysterious Knights of Ren that existed during the time of the First Order. Unlike the previous...
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    Mur Khandros

    Character Profile Link: Character Subaccount Link: Deeds Name of Deed, link, description of what happened here Name of Deed, link, description of what happened here Name of...
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    Sith Eternal Myr Khandros

    Myr Khandros NAME Myr Khandros AGE 20 RANK Legionnaire FACTION The Sith Eternal CHARACTERISTICS SPECIES: Devaronian FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes HEIGHT: 6’1’ BUILD: Muscular HAIR COLOR: None Myr Khandros was a force sensitive male devaronian who was active during the Force...
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    Arclight's Arcanum

    Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.
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    Pre TL - Just Desert

    Dune Sea, Tattooine The twin suns bore down on Cairo Jax, directly overhead. Vision swimming, he forced one foot in front of the other, booted feet shuffling through burning sand. A short makeshift walking stick stabbed the sand, a blown off pipe from some aged speeder that he had found in the...
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    Curse of Hunger

    What is going to happen in your plot? @Jarek Ysirath will learn the power force drain after being exposed to the power during a duel with his father. This exposure will drive Jarek to hunger, awakening the family's "curse" of hunger within him. Overwhelmed, Jarek will be driven to attack and...
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    Learning the Ropes

    What is going to happen in your plot?Take out a local gang leader on Ord Mantell and absorb his forces into Blackwell's growing forces What other players will be a part of this? @Ti'[email protected] Rel Where are all the places (if more than one) that your plot will be taking place? Ord Mantell...
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    Ti'ame Biographical information Homeworld Age Ryloth 19 Physical description Species Gender Height Weight Hair color Eye color Twi'lek Female 1.8 meters 60 kilograms None Purple Political information Affiliations Alias' NPC(s) The Lusty Lekku (Formerly), Blackwell Independent Technologies Baby...
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    Sinya Ven

    Sinya Ven Biographical information Homeworld Born Zygerria 6413 BBY Physical description Species Gender Height Weight Hair color Eye color Twi'lek Female 1.8 meters 70 kilograms None Gold Political information Affiliations NPC(s) The Old Empire None BIOGRAPHY Sinya Ven was born twenty five...
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    Jarek's Marauder Armor

    Jarek's Marauder Armor While the days of Sith Lords and Jedi scum crossing blades is long passed, many Sith still cross blades amongst their own brothers and sisters, and even more like to maintain an air of militaristic authority that ornate armor helps reinforce. The basic form of this armor...
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    Badgering Moff Jenkins OOC

    Starting an OOC for this. At this point with all of your characters well hidden and no interaction between your characters and NPCs I could DM, theres little for me to do this round. Skip me for this one and take another round. @Darasuum @Painus @Phoenix @Ecclessey @Rimrald
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    Jarek Ysirath

    Jarek Ysirath Jarek Ysirath was a human male who lived during the Fires of Rebellion era. A descendent of Sith Knight Baalryc Ysirath, the twenty one year old Jarek has been sent to return his rebellious sister to their father, while harboring rebellious thoughts of his own. Journal I have...